Rumor has it that popular YouTuber Acheeto, who makes parody commentary videos based on popular YouTubers, has done a face reveal. Let’s find out the truth.

He produces and distributes stuff. He frequently posts things to his social media accounts without identifying himself.

Even though he recorded a face reveal video, he only posts stuff showcasing his voice and gameplay.

Acheeto appears to be secretive because he has not said why he is hiding his face and other personal details from his fans.

The focus of Acheeto’s documentaries is on well-known YouTube personalities, many of whom are members of Dream SMP.

He criticizes situations where YouTubers’ large fan bases could easily cause problems or where a large audience could falsely accuse them of the smallest offenses.

He may have covered his face for a variety of reasons, including that. Acheeto can be found on the social media site Twitter with the user name @Acheetooo. On Twitter, he has 5046 followers and has posted 831 tweets.

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Has Acheeto Done A Face Reveal?

Acheeto has really uploaded a video of his face reveal to his recently established YouTube channel.

Many of his admirers were surprised to see the face of Acheeto because they had only ever seen an animated character in his videos.

After viewing his face, Acheeto’s fans commented on the video with their emotions. Some of the YouTuber’s followers were thrilled by his or her unforced appearance.

Because Acheeto’s true face had not been revealed, some people thought the person in the face-reveal video might not actually be Acheeto. In the video, Acheeto appears in a room wearing brown pants and a half-shirt with flowers on it.

He might be seen in the video sporting a cap. Acheeto has what looks to be lengthy hair and a well-kept beard.

Acheeto Youtube Channel

Acheeto started a YouTube account on April 26, 2018. He released his first video, titled “Making New Friends On Discord,” on February 13, 2019.

Image Source: deviantart

Later in 2020, he posted criticism videos on TikTokers, YouTubers, and other influencers while keeping his identity and face a secret.

According to YouTube Fandom, Acheeto’s YouTube channel hit the 1000 subscriber mark on December 31, 2019, and a year later, on December 27, 2020, he reached the landmark of 10,000 subscribers.

He had 100,000 subscribers by May 23, 2021. This showed that Acheeto could keep his fans and viewers interested in him without ever revealing his real name.

He also has an Instagram account with the username @acheetoo. He has more than 4714 Instagram followers, but he still needs to post something.

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