Harvard MA Mary Anderson Found Dead: Suspect Ex Boyfriend Matthew Davis And Murder Case Explained
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Harvard-born Mary Anderson had been missing since Sunday. Sad things have happened since regarding her condition.

The little Mary’s navy blue 2017 Toyota Tacoma with the registration plate 8DXW20 was recovered with her body inside after her family reported her missing.

She was last seen in Hudson, New Hampshire, at around 10:30 p.m. on Saturday. Her family was a well-known devout family. Thus, the tragic news of her death stunned the whole Harvard community.

Additionally, news outlets have been inundated recently with information on the police investigation into her death.

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Missing Harvard Mary Anderson Was Found Dead

Mary Anderson vanished on Sunday, and her loved ones were swiftly made aware of the strange events happening to her.

Her friends think Mary could not have posted on her Instagram or Snapchat because they seemed different. However, when the police were alerted, they immediately identified one of her ex-boyfriends,

Matthew Davis, as a person of interest in the search for her.

Since Mary was only 23 years old and well-known for her cheerful, laid-back, and energetic demeanor, her death elevated the case to the level of a more severe murder investigation.

Local and national media outlets have covered the case extensively. The first story by CBS on Mary’s missing person case has changed to a report on her passing.

According to the most current information, an autopsy will determine her name and the reason for her death on Wednesday morning.

At a Harvard church, Mary’s devout family and friends came to pay respects to her.

Police Have Shot Mary Anderson’s Ex-Boyfriend Matthew Davis

Matthew Davis was called by the police as soon as he was identified as a person of interest in Mary’s disappearance and subsequent death.

The cops just disclosed their altercation with Davis, according to WCVB. He was found on Tuesday night while out walking in West Brattleboro by the Vermont State Police and the Brattleboro Police Department.

The police spokesperson claimed that officers shot him as they attempted to speak with him at around 7:45 p.m. Since then, Davis has been declared dead, according to a recent state police report.

A 34-year-old Fitchburg resident named Davis is thought to have ties to the Pittsfield region. According to Major Dan Trudeau of the Vermont State Police, he should be considered dangerous. He was a person of interest in the case but not a suspect.

Mary Anderson Murder Case Has Saddened The Harvard

Mary Anderson’s community at Harvard has recently experienced shock and sadness due to her murder case.

According to Matthew Davis, the public is even intrigued by the possibility that her death was related to her ex-boyfriend. Anderson’s mother had confirmed the three years of romance between the two.

Davis and Mary split up in November, though no one else knew why. The family suspected Matt, who had a history of rage problems, might have been responsible for Mary’s demise.

Her family described the final four days of Anderson’s life as “strange and unusual.” Strange posts on her fictitious Instagram and Snapchat profiles had warned Mary’s family to be cautious of her whereabouts.

It was already too late because Mary had passed away so early. The cops are still looking into the incident.

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