Rowan Baxter
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Former rugby player Rowan Baxter is now a criminal. He was a member of the New Zealand Warriors and the proprietor of Brisbane’s Integra8 & Crossfit SMC gym.

His wife and family were killed two years ago by Baxter. Deputy State Coroner Jane Bentley gave an anxiously anticipated report on June 22, 2022. Keep learning additional details regarding the situation.

Is Rowan Baxter Still Alive Or Dead?

After viciously killing his wife and kids, Rowan Baxter committed suicide. He committed suicide on February 19, 2020.

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After killing his family, Baxter killed himself by stabbing himself. Police are still baffled as to why Baxter killed his children before killing himself. The terrible incident has drawn attention to the scourge of domestic violence in Australia. There was a great lot of national mourning as a result.

Rowan Baxter Burned Down His Whole Family

Rowan Baxter killed Hannah Clarke, his wife, and their three children, Trey Baxter, age 3, Aaliyah, age 6, and Laianah, age 4.

Before committing suicide, Baxter drove through suburban Brisbane and set them all on fire. Hannah had already passed away in the hospital when the children almost all perished immediately from burns and smoke inhalation. On their way to school, the family had been attacked by Baxter.

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According to DailyMail, Rowan Baxter’s treatment of his ex-wife deteriorated when Hannah reported him for domestic abuse. The destitute mother had requested police protection from Rowan, who had been repeatedly beating her, in March 2020.

According to the DailyMail piece, Baxter was a skilled manipulator rather than insane. He had been seen on camera buying highly flammable liquid before conducting the terrible crime. He also unintentionally bought three Kinder Surprise candies, probably for his children.

Why Did Rowan Baxter Murder His Wife And Kids?

Rowan Baxter was not mentally ill but rather a “master of manipulation,” according to Coroner Jane Bentley.

Baxter has a history of treating his wife abusively and in a domineering manner. These included dictating Hannah’s clothing choices, demanding sex each night, and disparaging her perception of her body.

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He killed his family and himself as a “last act of cowardice” because he could not withstand the condemnation and punishment he would have received from the general public.

“I find it improbable that any further efforts made by police officers, service providers, friends, or family members could have prevented Baxter from ultimately carrying out his deadly objectives,” writes Bentley in her statement.

The new inquest report suggests that Hannah might have died as a result of Baxter’s multi-organ failure brought on by the fire. By disclosing what Baxter had done to the witness, she had shown “great bravery.”

Bentley thinks that police training needs “immediate attention” in order to prevent further tragedies. Her suggestions include funding for men’s behavior change programs in jails and communities, a face-to-face training program for domestic violence officers, and an immediate domestic module for the officers.

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