Guy and Ralna, two singers, got divorced after recognizing they couldn’t coexist as a married couple.

American singing duet Guy and Ralna made several appearances on The Lawrence Welk Show between 1970 and 1982. “Hymes We Love To Sing,” one of their many CDs, was on the 1972 Dove Award shortlist.

The 1973 record “We Love to Sing” by Country Songs also made it to position 21 on the Billboard Country Albums chart.

In the 1970s, when they established a fan club and frequently appeared on different television programs and commercials, their reputation soared.

Give Me That Old Time, Listen To My Smile, Can’t Help Falling In Love, How Great Thou Art, Orange Blossom Special, and many more of their songs are also well-recognized.

Additionally, Guy and Ralna have had personal relationships together. At the start of 1969, they were united in marriage.

But after a number of years together, particularly in 1984, their marriage came to an amicable conclusion with a divorce.

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To learn about Their Married Life, And Children’s Details, continue reading the article.

Exploring Guy and Ralna Divorce Reason

Before being divorced, Guy and Ralna were committed to remaining together forever. However, after getting hitched on January 25, 1969, things continued to deteriorate between them.

The two, in Ralna’s opinion, didn’t show each other enough affection. However, they were slow to make the decision to formally part ways. In 1978, Guy and Ralna parted ways and started living separately.

After being divorced, Guy and Ralna continued to play music, but not together, they did it as individual artists. After spending a lot of time apart, Ralna was asked about her relationship with Guy.

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She responded that while they couldn’t continue as a married pair, their connection when singing together was evident.

She also claimed that although they performed love songs and shared meals on stage, afterward, they would go back to their own lives even though they were so in sync with one another.

Guy added that their relationship has been strong overall for more than 50 years. It was partly because of the way their voices blended together and how wonderfully they had always harmonized.

He continued by saying that in addition to the fact that Guy and Ralna are married, their daughter also plays a significant role in their close relationship.

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Details On Guy and Ralna Married Life

Ralna and Guy divorced in 1984, and Ralna never remarried.

Guy married Sarah Lundy Moorehead in a religious ceremony on February 16, 2002, at Monmouth Plantation in Natchez, Mississippi, nearly 20 years later.

Ten years ago, during their engagement, Guy and Sis became acquainted during the wedding of her brother John. They later reconnected during John’s 40th birthday party.

John Lundy and his wife Hayley were there to witness Guy and Sis’ vow-exchanging. Following their nuptials, the couple took a brief vacation to New York City where they saw a few shows.

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On their way back to Mississippi, they made a stop in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, to witness the wedding of Guy’s niece Heather.

After that, Guy worked as the state director for US Senator Trent Lott, performing as frequently as he could. Sis has had a wonderful career in nursing management.

She was born and raised in the Mississippi Delta. She also held the position of director of preoperative services at the Mississippi Baptist Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi.

Sis is also the grandmother of two children and the mother of a son and a daughter who are both adults. Additionally, Sis and Ralna seemed to get along well.

They frequently take pictures together at family events, and they were even seen celebrating Julie’s 40th birthday together.

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Meet Guy and Ralna Children

Julie Hovis, the daughter of Guy and Ralna, made her television debut on The Welk Show’s New Year’s Eve special in 1977. She would later appear on television alongside her parents in a number of the yearly Christmas specials.

After becoming an adult and working as an elementary school teacher in the Phoenix public school system, Julie eventually completed her degree from Arizona State University.

Ralna posted a couple pictures of her daughter Julie at the family reunion and wished Julie a happy 40th birthday on Facebook on November 3, 2017.

Even though Julie is now married, little is known about her marriage. Her parents are quite proud of her for all of her achievements, including her work, education, and many more.

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