The late CFO of Bed Bath & Beyond, Gustavo Arnal, was most likely born in Venezuela. Gustavo committed suicide on Friday by jumping from Manhattan’s 18th floor of the Tribeca skyscraper.

  • Gustavo Arnal’s parents most likely came from the South American country of Venezuela.
  • Gustavo’s wife of 28 years and his two adult daughters predeceased him when he plummeted to death on Friday.
  • The CFO was under pressure because Bed Bath & Beyond had lost 25% of its first-quarter sales.

The CFO’s wife and two daughters left their New York apartment early on Sunday to prepare for the funeral services.

Bed Bath & Beyond issued a statement last night in honor of the man who had supported them throughout the COVID outbreak, but the deceased CFO’s family has not yet made any comments.

Gustavo Arnal
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To learn more about Gustavo Arnal’s parents, family, children, and brother, continue reading the article below.

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Gustavo Arnal Parents And Family

Gustavo Arnal’s parents most likely hail from Venezuela, a South American nation.

The late CFO of Bed Bath & Beyond attended Venezuelan colleges to earn mechanical engineering degrees for his undergraduate and graduate studies, indicating that this is where he spent his formative years.

Arnal likely came to the US for better opportunities and to complete his education. So he relocated to the US and registered at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. Later, he worked for other illustrious companies, including Procter & Gamble and Avon.

The success of the beauty firm Avon, where the CFO worked, led to Bed Bath & Beyond’s first interest in hiring him.

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Gustavo’s success at Avon was widely reported in the business world, and in 2020, Bed Bath & Beyond was also undergoing renovation. Bed Bath & Beyond released a statement last night mourning the loss of its former senior vice president and CFO.

According to Harriet Edelman, Independent Chair of the Board of Directors, Gustavo will be recognized for his leadership, talent, and management of our business. Gustavo’s funeral, which is expected to happen soon based on the preparations his wife and daughter made for it, may include his parents.

Gustavo Arnal: Details Of Bed Bath & Beyond CFO’s Children

Two girls were born to the 52-year-old CFO and his wife, Alexandra Cadenas-Arnal. The two had been together for 28 years before Arnal decided to take his own life by leaping from the 18th story of the Tribecca Building.

Based on the Daily Mail photo, the CFO’s daughters are most likely in their early 20s. His daughters’ names haven’t been revealed because there is still a lot of information regarding the former CFO that needs to be kept private.

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Authorities were notified of the incident on Friday at 12:30 p.m. local time. However, it took some time before Gustavo Arnal, who jumped from the Jenga building, was identified.

Who Is Gustavo Arnal Brother?

The senior vice president and CFO of Bed Bath & Beyond, Gustavo Arnal, may have had brothers or was the only child of his parents.

There is no evidence that the late CFO had any siblings in any publications. Instead, the 52-year-old multimillionaire lived comfortably with his wife and two daughters.

The CFO was accused of providing false information suggesting that the company’s finances were getting better.

The story appeared different to outsiders because the company Bed Bath & Beyond had closed 150 stores across the US and was laying off 20% of its stock.

The company’s CFO’s $6.05 million fortune is expected to be divided equally between the CFO’s wife and two daughters.

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