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Crysta Abelseth was allegedly raped by John Barnes, now 46, after she accepted his ride home from a bar where she had been drinking with friends in 2005.

Crysta Abelseth, who claims she was raped at 16 by a 30-year-old man, has been forced to give up custody of their daughter and pay him child support sixteen years later in a heartbreaking legal twist.

John allegedly learned about the infant six years later but did nothing until 2015, when he wanted 50/50 custody.

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Gumbeaux Digital’s owner, John Barnes, has a client list that includes the Ponchatoula Police Department, where the company is situated.

0 Crysta Abelseth
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The perpetrator, John, even threatened her, claiming to have insider legal connections and that he could do anything to her. Unfortunately, no more information regarding the victim, Crysta, or John Barnes is available.

Even though the file was still current with the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office, Abelseth argues that her attacker was not charged because he had contact with police authorities.

What Happened To Crysta Abelseth?

Crysta Abelseth was very drunk’ when John Barnes picked her up from a pub where she’d been drinking with friends and brought her back to his residence, according to a 2015 police report.

John then proceeded to rape Crysta, according to Crysta. She alleges she told her family that the baby’s father was a boyfriend after finding out she was pregnant.

John Barnes learned about Crysta’s daughter when she was five years old, and he pursued custody immediately.

Barnes was never charged despite filing the report and the fact that it was filed inside the state’s statute of limitations. Barnes was granted sole custody this year after seven years of collaborative parenting.

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