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The Hawkesbury Race Club’s sponsorship manager was Vivienne Leggett. In 1991, while Brian Fletcher was the company’s CEO, she began working there and was in charge of bringing in new business and keeping existing contracts. She then received a promotion to marketing and sponsorship manager for the team.

When Greg Rudolph, a former Racing NSW deputy chairman of stewards, was appointed the new CEO in May 2016, her commitment to her job ended.

Leggett experienced anxiety, sadness, exhaustion, and suicidal thoughts as a result of Rudolph’s persistent harassment.

Leggett had been mistreated and degraded by Rudolph from the start. Even worse, he called Vivienne nothing and claimed that she was overpaid.

After pursuing her patient in court for several years, Leggett won her case and received a judgment ordering the corporation to pay her $2.8 million.

Is Greg Rudolph Vivienne Leggett Boss Being Fired For Sexism?

In 2019, Rudolph left Hawkesbury Race Club. Leggett, one of his employees, suffered continual bullying from him, and she eventually lost her capacity to work and her confidence as a result of his incessant criticism and micromanagement of her work.

She felt tormented and mistreated mentally and believed she was useless to everyone. The company’s directors knew how Vivienne was being handled, yet they all turned a blind eye when she pleaded for assistance when she was contemplating suicide.

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Leggett was aware of Rudolph’s tendency toward manipulation and control from the moment she first met him. Her mental health was impacted by Rudolph’s bullying because she had a severe depressive problem and anxiety that caused her to lose her job.

Leggett, who had worked for the company for 25 years, was ignored by the board of directors, who forced her to struggle for justice for five years in court. Due to the fact that she hadn’t received payment since October 2016, she was compelled to sell her three houses and withdraw cash in order to survive.

She didn’t receive any worker’s compensation benefits for the first 15 months of her absence from work, and Race Clun kept her long service, yearly leave, and commissions she earned for Hawkesbury.

The company’s board of directors never admitted any wrongdoings.

How Old Is Vivienne Leggett? Her Family Details

She is 54 years old at the moment. She married Garry, and the two of them had two children.

The internet contains no information about her parents or siblings. Since she has already experienced so much in her life, she wishes to keep her private affairs private.

Vivienne Leggett
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It is well known that her family and husband gave her support and assisted her in overcoming her worries throughout her darkest moments. She always confided in her husband about her issues.

She feels powerful and less afraid of the situation, knowing that her husband and family are supporting her.

LinkedIn Bio Of Vivienne Legget

Legget does not have a LinkedIn page, and it is unknown if she is employed at the moment. She hasn’t been able to concentrate on anything for a very long time because of the incident with her former employer.

She’s probably having a great time with her devoted family.

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