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A Google worker named Blake Lemoine has spoken out following his placement on administrative leave for alerting his superiors that the AI software he was working on had developed sentience.

The developer claimed that the AI strongly emphasized “personhood” and “rights” during a discussion about religion with LaMDA.

Lemoine obtained a master’s degree in computer science from UL Lafayette in 2010, then pursued a Ph.D. in the field before landing a position as a software engineer at Google.

Who Is Google Engineer Blake Lemoine?

Blake Lemoine is a software engineer and an AI researcher. His research interests include artificial ethics and natural language processing.

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UL Lafayette’s computer science department is where he reportedly started his undergraduate studies before deciding to graduate school.

In addition, his first chapter describes his efforts as a student to combine dialect notions to assist in algorithm creation.

Using this knowledge to create a natural language generator was the primary goal of his master’s thesis.

Blake Lemoine Claims AI Bot LaMDA Became’ Sentient’ (Sentience)

After asserting that one of the company’s AIs had developed sentience, Google fired engineer Blake Lemoine.

LaMDA, which stands for Language Model for Dialogue Applications, is used to create Google’s chatbots. The software learns human speech and language by ingesting trillions of samples from around the internet.

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The AI’s neural networks, which rely on pattern recognition to produce speech similar to that of a person but do not require wit or intended purpose, are criticized for making the dialogue a natural result.

This would imply that even if LaMDA and other bots repeated information already readily available online, they do not understand it or have any awareness.

Lemoine started speaking with the AI in the fall as part of his work to check for hate speech or other discriminatory terminology.

Lemoine said that the AI encouraged him to reevaluate Asimov’s third law of robotics and discuss its rights and personality.

Blake Lemoine Salary And Net Worth

As a senior software engineer and AI researcher, Blake Lemoine might have made money.

Additionally, he was a former employee of Google, a multi-billion dollar firm whose high position must have paid handsomely.

He is currently on paid administrative leave as a researcher in the Responsible AI unit. In addition, the corporation charges a violation of its confidentiality policies in the senior software engineer’s written notification.

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