The international punk rock group Gogol Bordello is well-known for its dazzling live performances and relentless traveling.

Their music, which includes violin and accordion and draws inspiration from Romani music, dub, punk, and other genres, has been featured on six full-length albums.

Parliament-Funkadelic, Jimi Hendrix, Manu Chau, Caramelo, Santo, The Clash, and Sasha Kolpakov are some of the Band’s musical influences. In addition, the group has given performances abroad, in Europe and the US.

They celebrate overcoming obstacles and showcase their multicultural identity in every song they release.

On September 16, 2022, the Band is scheduled to release its newest album, which a North American tour will follow in October and November. As the Band plays their show, the fans eagerly meet them.

Gogol Bordello Controversy, Lawsuit, Their Band Debut, Riot Fest, And Coca-Cola's Advertisement Song
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This article will explore Gogol Bordello Controversy, Lawsuit, Their Band Debut, Riot Fest, And Coca-Cola’s Advertisement Song.

Quick Facts

Band NameGogol Bordello
Years Active1999–present
GenresPunk Rock, Latin rock, Romani, Gypsy punk
OriginNew York City
FrontmanEugene Hutz
Violin, backing vocalsSergey Ryabtsev
Percussion, MCPedro Erazo
Guitar, backing vocalsBoris Pelekh
Percussion, backing vocals, general performanceVanessa Walters
Backing vocals, dance, percussionAshley Tobias
Drums, percussionKorey Kingston
Bass, backing vocalsGill Alexandre

Gogol Bordello Controversy and Lawsuit Details

Frontman Eugene Hutz, accused of stealing money from the Band by his former guitarist Oren Kaplan, was sued. The guitarist had brought the action on the group’s behalf for “brazenly absconding” with £329,000 that, in his words, belonged to the group.

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According to the lawsuit, Hutz started controlling the banks’ finances and began paying himself a salary of £85,000, double what other employees were earning. The Band’s frontman had also opened new organizations and transferred £330,000 to his new account.

He was accused of using the song’s Coca-Cola deal as a promotional song for the Band in addition to the lawsuit, something Hutz had concealed from his comrades.

Gogol Bordello Band Debut Details

Eight people make up the Band at the moment: Gill Alexandre, Sergey Ryabtsev, Pedro Erazo, Borris Pelekh, Vanessa Walters, Ashley Tobias, and Sergey Ryabtsev.

Pamela Jintana Racine, Eliot Ferguson, Sasha Kazatchkoff, Yuri Lemeshev, Ori Kaplan, Karl Alvarez, Vlad Solovar, Oren Kaplan, Katheryn McGaffigan, and many others were among the Band’s former 21 members.

The band members created the sounds of the Band, such as the acoustic guitar, percussion, violin, drums, and bass.

Gogol Bordello Played At Riot Fest 2022

The punk rock group is scheduled to perform at Riot Fest 2022, which will take place in Chicago’s Douglass Park from September 16 to September 18. They have a show planned for September 16.

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My Chemical Romance, Yungblud, Yellowcard, Ice Cube, Jxdn, Bleachers, Bad Religion, and many other acts are scheduled to perform at the festival. The festival’s three-day passes are all taken.

Some Metal, Rock, Punk, Alternative, and Indie Rock acts are scheduled to perform at the annual three-day Riot Festival in Chicago.

Gogol Bordello Net Worth Explored

The Band is thought to have a net worth of $16 million, which they have gathered through sales of records and performances. They have performed at numerous festivals worldwide and shared the stage with acts like Cake, Primus, and Flogging Molly.

Solidarity, the group’s upcoming album, is slated for release on September 16, 2022. On October 20, they will kick off their North American tour, taking them to cities including Los Angeles, Dallas, and San Francisco. On November 14, they will wrap off their time in Seattle.

Shot of Solidaritine, Focus Coin, Blueprint, The Era of the End of Eras; I’m Coming Out, Knack for Life, The Great Hunt of Idiot Savant, Take Only What You Can Carry, My Imaginary Son, Forces of Victory, Fire on Ice Floe, Gut Guidance, and Huckleberry Generation are among the 13 songs on their new album.

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Gogol Bordello Started Their Career In 1999

The Band’s lead singer, Eugene Hutz, started it in 1999. They performed their debut gig in Pizdetz as an unauthorized band; afterward, they were hired as the club’s house band, and Hutz was hired as the club DJ.

In 1999, their debut single was made available. Then, in 2005, they signed with the punk label SideOneDummy Records. Later, when they released their fifth album, Transcontinental Hustle, they signed with Rick Rubin’s American Recording, a major label.

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They performed at the 10th Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in 2011. Throughout its 20-year career, The Band has gathered a following of music fans.

The Band’s Name Has Two Of Their Favorite Words

The term “Gogol” is derived from Nicolai Gogol, a Ukrainian-born author of classical Russian literature. He was a significant inspiration for the Band’s moniker because he promoted Ukrainian culture in Russian society, something the group hopes to achieve through their music of Romani and Eastern Europe.

The Italian name for a gentleman’s club is a bordello. Hütz and the Béla Bartok’s was the name they had initially chosen, but they changed it because no one in the United States was familiar with the composer.

Band’s Frontman Eugene Hutz Has Starred In A Movie

Hutz co-starred with Elijah Woods in the Liev Schreiber-directed film. Everything Is Illuminated. The same-named novel by Jonathan Safran Foer served as the basis for the movie.

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In 2008, he and his Band participated in the music documentary Gorgol Bordello Non-Stop. In addition, Hutz has appeared in several other films and television programs, including Filth and Wisdom, Larger Than Life in 3D, Grain: Short Film, I Would Never Want to Be Young Again, and The Tick.

Gogol Bordello Performed A Secret Show For Ukrainian Soldiers

The musical group gave a covert performance for the Ukrainian military in August. According to NME, the Band’s leader wanted to play the concert because it inspired the combatants to see how united Ukrainians are worldwide.

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When the soldiers played their songs, they experienced something. An event was already held in London to support Ukraine by giving the proceeds.

Gogol Bordello Coca-Cola’s Advertisement Song Explored

They published the song Let’s Get Crazy in 2012, and Coca-Cola used it in their marketing for the 2012 European Football Championships.

The video has a rebellious cartoon figure drinking Coca-Cola and downing soccer balls to indicate how these two things can turn a regular person into “a silly-dancing, trumpet-blowing, costume-wearing, football song-chanting enthusiast.” Then, as the commercial concludes, frontman Eugene Hutz shouts, “Let’s get, let’s get, let’s get crazy!”

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