Germaine Mason's Girlfriend Shari-Dee Barker Biography, Wikipedia, Relationship And Children Details
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Shari-Dee Barker is raising the two children of late Jamaican-born track and field athlete Germaine Mason. Find more about them in this article.

With great sadness, the businesswoman learned that her partner had died in a biking accident in Palisadoes while she was three months pregnant.

Shari was devastated by the death of her lover. But who wouldn’t want to? Everything was going so well for them. The couple already had one child, Jelani Mason, and expected their second.

On the other hand, Shari has gained a new perspective on life and is now confident in her ability to raise her two sons on her own.

  • Shari-Dee Barker is the ex-girlfriend of late Great Britain Olympic track star Germaine Mason.
  • Germaine played for Jamaica before pledging allegiance to the United Kingdom.
  • Germaine won a silver medal at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, matching his personal best of 2.34m.

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Germaine Mason Girlfriend: Shari-Dee Barker Biography Details

Jamaican model Shari Dee Baker works as a side hustler in Florida. Shari-Dee dated the late Olympian Germaine Mason, with whom she eventually had two children.

Born and reared in Jamaica, Baker now resides with her two kids in Florida.

At that point, she experienced sadness and even considered having an abortion.

She participated in the Miss Jamaica Universe 2010 delegation. Even though she was eliminated from the competition’s later rounds, she made a name for herself.

Only gloom hung over her life, but the model understood that she couldn’t continue to live this way indefinitely. So the model chose to start her own business after having to raise two children.

She started her own business and is now the proud proprietor of Gem Beauty Collection’s skincare brand.

The side venture Shari started during pandemics currently has 5,000 Instagram followers and is supported by numerous social media personalities.

Germaine Mason And Shari-Dee Barker’s Relationship

Before Germaine Mason passed away, Shari-Dee Barker and Germaine Mason enjoyed a loving, wholesome relationship.

They first met in 2009, and they quickly began dating.

In contrast to Shari, a rising model in Jamaica, Germaine had won the silver medal in the Olympics in Beijing and was a celebrity in his native country.

Since his father David was born in London, the athlete changed allegiance in 2006 and began competing for Great Britain.

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As the first British track and field medalist in 2008, Germaine rose to fame and became a household name.

When Germaine went away, Shari and her husband Germaine had just given birth to their first son, Jelani Mason, and were on the verge of having a second.

The terrible accident occurred on April 20, 2017, and Germaine eventually passed away as a result.

He crashed his bike in Palisadoes Main Road in Kingston when he was leaving a soca party.

Melani described Germaine as her most excellent friend, a wonderful spouse, and a wonderful father to their kid Jelani.

Details About Germaine Mason And Shari-Dee Barker Children

Germaine and Shari had two boys during their eight-year relationship, which was a double blessing.

The couple’s first child, Jelani Mason, was born in 2012. When his father went away, he was just five years old. According to Shari, Germaine was a wonderful father to Jelani.

It’s a shame that Germaine died before the birth of his second son Gemari, as he was never allowed to meet him. Jelani and Gemari were raised solely by their mother, who now resides with them in Florida.

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Shari has taken measures to ensure that neither of her sons feels the absence of a father. But, according to the businessman, nothing God offers can be handled.

Shari urges people to create time for themselves rather than letting their surroundings make them victims by encouraging them to live with a purpose.

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