Gemma Owen Having Baby Rumours: Find The Facts Below

Gemma Owen
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Following the viral success of the most recent Love Island episodes, rumors of Gemma Owen’s pregnancy spread.

Young Love Island competitor Gemma Owen is the center of attention at the moment. She has won the “Winner with the Girls” challenge and is well recognized for her part in the eighth season.

She is best known for being the adored daughter of English footballer Michael James Owen, who played for Liverpool, aside from the reality program.

The way her father responded to the most recent challenge has drawn further attention to the reality star. Additionally, rumors on the street say that she got pregnant.

The teenage Love Island star has nonetheless received a lot of attention as a result of these rumors and the responses to them.

Love Island Gemma Owen Expecting A Child?

Gemma Owen of Love Island is not expecting a baby, but there are claims that she has a baby bump. When she revealed on a reality show that she would give birth to a child the following year, the conversation began.

Known as a renowned dressage rider, the 19-year-old girl is the daughter of former soccer player Michael Owen. When Luca from the show added, “Gemma also wants kids in the next year,” the whole affair began.

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The subject is discussed by Ekin-Su Culculoglu, Tasha Ghouri, and Luca during their conversation. The majority of them, as well as others who observed, were shocked at how people responded.

What does she want, Tasha questioned? Luca replied to what he said. To be honest, she’s also fairly mature, isn’t she? Luca retorted.

Although Gemma doesn’t currently have a baby belly or a baby on the way, it appears like she will become pregnant in 2019.

On the show, she also discussed her hopes for a child, which made everyone ecstatic. But many people were astonished by her decision and her plans after witnessing what Twitter users had to say about them.

Gemma Owen Husband? List Of Her Ex-Boyfriends And Previous Relationships

It’s not true that Gemma Owen doesn’t have a husband. She also joined Love Island in search of a compatible partner.

She is now single, but she might soon start seeing someone from the reality program. Nevertheless, Owen recently teamed up with other candidate Luca Bish.

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She once shared a relationship with Jacques O’Neill. He did something surprising on Love Island that startled everyone, including Owen.

“Castleford Tiger” is the rugby league team that Jacques plays for. Aged 23 years old, he. According to what I know about the two persons who once dated, they were engaged for some time before splitting up.

She just split up with him because she didn’t like it when he hung out with his pals, he recently revealed to her current Love Island companion, Luca.

Before him, she doesn’t appear to have been in any other relationships or been in a boyfriend.

Is Gemma Owen Still On Love Island?

Gemma Owen, who is still a cast member of Love Island, recently performed a lap dance for Luca. But according to Mail Online, she appears to be preparing to leave the villa and move into her own love apartment.

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She resides in the opulent villa with her family, and if she quits the show, she might leave shortly. Even so, as the drama and twists and turns on the show have increased, Owen has grown more interesting.

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