Gaurav Taneja Arrested: Why Is The Youtuber Arrested?
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Gaurav Taneja, a YouTuber, was detained on Saturday in Noida for breaking the law against big gatherings.

Several hours after being detained, he was freed on bail. Birthday celebrations were scheduled on coaches from Noida Metro that Gaurav Taneja, aka Flying Beast, had reserved in advance.

Ritu Rathee Taneja, his wife, had tweeted that they would meet at 1.30 pm to celebrate his birthday.
Ritu has 1.6 million Instagram followers. She stated on Instagram Stories that she would meet all Gaurav Taneja supporters even though admission to the Noida Metro was prohibited.

Ritu later reported that the Flying Beast’s birthday party had been postponed. However, thousands of Gaurav Taneja’s supporters arrived at the metro station in Noida Section 51, endangering the security of the general public and maintaining law and order.

The Noida Sector 49 police arrived quickly and took control of the rapidly escalating scene.

Why Was YouTuber Gaurav Taneja Arrested?

The Section 144 violation punishment against Gaurav Taneja in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, the subject of his YouTube channel “The Flying Beast,” was extremely harsh. He is being detained by Sector 49 police because they fear he will cause mischief in the city.

Gaurav Taneja gathered with a few of his admirers and supporters to celebrate his birthday under the metro station. The result was chaotic traffic. As a result, there was a traffic delay, which caused people to back up.

On social media, Gaurav Taneja informed his followers that he was celebrating his birthday. Many of Taneja’s supporters then flocked to Sector-51’s metro station on Saturday. There were so many people there that it was difficult for individuals to move about on the metro.

The metro employees had to exert a lot of effort to regulate the fans. On the streets leading to the metro, there were also lengthy waits.

A metro coach has been arranged for Noida Sector 51 Metro Station for the party’s 1:30 pm start time. The YouTuber’s wife, Ritu Rathee Taneja, invited all of Gaurav’s followers and admirers to a meet-and-greet with him on his birthday.

According to reports, Ritu Rathee Taneja booked the entire coach. YouTubers and other famous people frequently host meet-and-greet events so they may socialize and have fun with their fans.

Ritu informed the YouTuber’s viewers that they had to adhere to NMRC regulations and limit the number of passengers on the metro coach after making the reservation. In a subsequent Instagram story, she explained why the party had to be moved to Flying Beast’s followers.

Unfortunately, there were so many Flying Beast fans at the metro station that it was difficult for the police to control the traffic and the crowd. In the end, the YouTuber was detained because he violated section 144.

Before losing his job and dedicating himself entirely to YouTube, Gaurav Taneja worked as a pilot for Iar India. So it’s interesting to know this about him. He has 7.57 million YouTube subscribers and often uploads vlogs.

On the other hand, Gaurav studies law while working as a fitness teacher. The Airbus A320’s captain is Ritu Rathee Taneja. Twins Kiaravi and Chaitravi are their offspring.

Gaurav Taneja Arrested After Fans

He began serving as a pilot with Air Asia Airlines in 2019. But unfortunately, he just lost his job due to public criticism of the airline’s disregard for the safety of its pilots in the media and on social media.

In a recent significant remark, Gaurav claimed that his airline, Air Asia, failed to take the necessary safety measures to protect the safety of its pilots, passengers, and aircraft.

Following his comments, “Air Asia” sacked him and claimed that none of what he had said was genuine. But, contrarily, Gaurav had the guts to discuss it on paper and on social media, where he received a lot of encouragement from his fans and other individuals.

Additionally, he said that his employer forbade pilots from using their sick days when they were ill and that no government directives were followed by the airlines during the Covid-19 incident. A choice will be made as quickly as feasible since the DGCA agreed to investigate the case.

Gaurav Taneja Careers On YouTube

In his initial employment, Gaurav worked as a YouTuber who published videos with advice on bodybuilding and nutrition. He is the owner of the “Flying Beast,” “Fit Muscle TV,” and “Rasbhari Ke Papa” YouTube channels.

He has more than 13 years of experience in the fitness industry since he began bodybuilding in college, and he enjoys teaching people what he has discovered.

Flying Beast is a travel and lifestyle vlogging channel where Gaurav and his wife upload their travel films. These vlogs are distinctive and fascinating. They are accessible online.

He also discusses his personal life on this channel. On his Flying Beast channel, which has more than 4.7 million subscribers, he has uploaded nearly 638 videos.

He attended the CAE Madrid Flight School in Madrid, Spain, in 2011 to receive A320 pilot training. After completing his training, he obtained a position at IndiGo as a first officer. He led Indigo as captain in 2014.

Meet Gaurav Taneja On Social Media

Gaurav Taneja is active on Instagram under the username @taneja.gaurav, where he has posted 1,248 posts.

He has gained 3.3 million followers and is following 284 people on Instagram.

The YouTuber is also on Twitter under the username @flyingbeast320, which he joined in February 2018. Taneja has gained 704.3k followers and has posted 3,285 tweets on Twitter so far.

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