Gabriel Joseph Mancini, son of Tina Arena, will turn 16 in November 2022. With her long-term lover and French artist Vincent Mancini, Tina gave birth to her son Gabriel in 2005.

Tina Arena, born in Melbourne, Australia, has sold more than 10 million records worldwide, making her Australia’s top-selling artist. She not only sings and writes songs, but she also acts in musical theatre and produces music.

Multilingual vocalist Tina has songs in English, French, Spanish, and Italian on record. Like many other parents during the COVID-19 pandemic, Tina fought to teach her adolescent son while avoiding social interaction.

Who Is Gabriel Joseph Mancini? Find Why Tina Arena Homeschooled Her Son
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Who Is Gabriel Joseph Mancini? Find Why Tina Arena Homeschooled Her Son In This Post.

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Why Did Tina Arena Homeschooled Her Son?

During the pandemic, Australian singer Tina Arena struggled with educating her son Gabriel Joseph Mancini. Gabriel, a 2005-born son of Tina Arena, will turn 17 on November 17. Arena Mancini, one of Australia’s most well-known singers, and French artist Vincent Mancini were the parents of Gabriel.

Since they started dating in 2000, Gabriel’s parents have enjoyed 22 years of a beautiful marriage. The couple is legally engaged, but they haven’t yet been married. Before meeting Vincent, Tina, the mother of Gabriel, wed Ralph Carr, her manager at the time, in 1995. However, the couple separated in 1999, four years later, due to marital difficulties.

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Tina struggled with homeschooling her children when the Covid 19 outbreak isolated the entire planet. According to the Daily Mail, Tina said in an interview with Stellar Magazine that her son had been “traumatized.”

She had to admit, “I’m struggling,” about her issues with her son Gabriel. Teachers have emailed me that Gabriel hasn’t turned in this and that. Gabriel was constantly engrossed in playing his Xbox instead of finishing his homework.

However, Tina continued, “We will arrive. Traumatized are our children. It’s hard because they can’t see their friends.

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Some Facts About Gabriel Joseph Mancini

  • Gabriel Joseph Mancini, currently 16 years old, was born in Paris, France, on November 17, 2005.
  • Tina Arena, Gabriel’s mother, is the first woman to receive the Australian Record Industry Awards’ best song and artist of the year honour (ARIAS).
  • Vincent Mancini, his father, is a French-born artist.
  • After spending twenty years in Paris and London, Gabriel’s parents reside in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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  • He enjoys using his Xbox for gaming.
  • Gabriel was born into a multicultural family. While his father is a French citizen, his mother was born in Melbourne and had roots in Sicily, Italy.
  • Gabriel’s mother chauffeurs him and his mates to soccer and football games.
  • During the epidemic, Tina, his mother, struggled to teach Gabriel at home.

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