Froot Face Reveal, Real Name, Earnings And Net Worth Details

Froot is an English illustrator and female VTuber who has good fan base and followers.

On November 27, 2020, she made her Twitch debut. She is a well-known broadcaster. Additionally, she works at American VTuber company VShojo as a first-generation employee.

Froot is a female live streamer who uploads the videos she creates, and her profile picture is an anime character. She has a powerful magnetic pull on many people, and they look forward to seeing her.

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Has Froot Revealed Her Face?

A well-known VTuber named Froot has yet to do any face reveals.

She often hinted that she might reveal her face, but she never did so in front of the public; instead, she just teased her supporters.

She is a talented, young Vlogger. Before joining the American VTuber company VShojo, Froot was a solo YouTuber.

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Froot possesses long, pointed ears and four dark purple horns that curl back from her head, despite her initial human look.

Her teal, neck-length hair is longer in the front and contains emerald green highlights. Her facial tattoos reflect a vivid green color when she does magic. She has emerald green eyes.

She sports a purple pentagram-patterned fishnet thigh-length dress, elbow-length fingerless gloves, spiked heels, a choker, and a silver crown.

What is Froot’s real name?

Popular VTuber Froot posts as Apricot the Lich.

When she discovered she could gather human souls by portraying them as Twitch Subscriptions, she took the decision to start streaming.

She has a calming, high-pitched voice when she speaks. She stutters when she gets humiliated since she is easily embarrassed.

Although she is easily scared, she loves anything horror. She does not swear nearly as often as the other VShojo members. She keeps a swear jar nearby and avoids using any unnecessary words.

She was born on October 22nd, according to her own YouTube wiki. The Twitch streamer has never disclosed her birth year, so fans are unsure of her age.

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Other members of the original generation of VShojo, such as Hime Hajime|Hime, Projekt Melody, Ironmouse, Nyanners, and Silvervale, are her close pals.

She has stated that one of her most ardent fans is ProjektMelody and her friends. She has made it clear that she wants to bake Snuffy a cream pie.

Froot Net Worth And Earnings

Glassdoor estimates that Froot, a Twitch streamer, has a yearly net worth of $89,463.

She must have earned a solid income from her streaming profession because her official Twitch account has more than 365k followers.

She also runs the Apricot the Lich YouTube channel, which has around 180k subscribers.

On August 11, 2020, she began using the video-sharing platform, and in just under two years, she has accumulated this tremendous number of subscribers. Her videos have received over 5.2 million views as a result.

Because YouTubers get paid based on views and the various adverts that appear on their videos, she must have made a considerable sum of money from her job there.

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After an invasion by Nyanners, IronMouse, ProjektMelody, Bunny GIF, Silvervale, and several more VTubers on November 27, 2020, she made her Twitch debut.

She joined the team as the first generation of the recently founded agency VShojo, which has more than 13,600 views and 18,049 followers.

Similarly, on January 16, 2021, she reached the 100k follower milestone on Twitch. On February 14, she debuted a new costume.

She participated in a #VAmong Earth collaboration with well-known Japanese VTubers Higuchi Kaede, Dennou Shojo Siro, and Kizuna Ai along with fellow VShojo members Veibae, Silvervale, and Nyatasha Nyanners.

Several Fascinating Froot Facts

  1. Frootcake is the name of her passionate fan base.
  2. Among other foods, she likes beer, wine, English breakfast tea, and beans on toast. She enjoys dessert.
  3. She enjoys watching cooking-related television programs like Gordon Ramsay’s celebrity chef show and the Great British Bake Off.
  4. She hopes to start a virtual fashion line for VTubers, produce an original song, stop cursing, learn to bake, study Japanese, meet and draw every VTuber she can, and improve her drawing skills.

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