From Scratch On Netflix Filmed Location, Release Date, And Time: What Is From Scratch About?

Parts of the Netflix series From Scratch were shot in Florence, Italy, and Los Angeles, California. Most of the filming occurred between April and August of last year.

Another example of how Netflix is establishing itself as the top storyteller of tales based on the real-life experiences of real people is the upcoming limited series From Scratch.

Netflix will release Tembi Locke’s bestselling autobiography, From Scratch, starring Zoe Saldana, in October 2022. The series depicts the story of a woman who experiences love, loss, grief, and hope.

Locke’s sister Attica Locke (Empire, When They See Us), will serve as showrunner and executive producer alongside Zoe Saldana and her sisters, Cisely and Mariel Saldana.

From Scratch On Netflix Filmed Location, Release Date, And Time: What Is From Scratch About?
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What Is From Scratch About? Find Out About From Scratch On Netflix Filmed Location, Release Date, And Time In This Post.

Where Was Netflix’s From Scratch Filmed?

From April 5th, 2021, through August 7th, 2021, a limited amount of time was spent filming Netflix’s From Scratch. Filming began in Los Angeles, California, before shifting to Florence, Italy, in July 2021.

As of November 2021, the limited series has been in post-production. However, it’s true that From Scratch is based on a true story. Tembi Locke’s memoir is titled From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home. The memoir was published in 2019 and was immediately acclaimed as a bestseller by The New York Times.

Florence, Italy

Florence, the capital of Tuscany, Italy, is home to many works of Renaissance art and architecture. One of its most well-known landmarks is the Duomo, a cathedral with a bell tower by Giotto and a terracotta-tiled dome by Brunelleschi.

Similarly, the city was chosen by the From Scratch production team as the site where the city screen was made more attractive for the film.

Traveling to Italy and falling in love with it is always enjoyable. And instances of this include the television shows and motion pictures Eat, Pray, Love and Love & Gelato. People genuinely wish to fall in love with the city related to the Italian landscape.

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Los Angeles, California

The nation’s film and television business are centered in Los Angeles, a sizable metropolis in Southern California. Close to the well-known Hollywood sign, studios like Paramount Pictures, Universal, and Warner Brothers offer behind-the-scenes tours.

The TCL Chinese Theatre displays celebrity hands and footprints, and the Walk of Fame honors hundreds of luminaries. On Hollywood Boulevard, street vendors sell directions to the homes of famous people.

This is another place where From Scratch was filmed.

When Is From Scratch Going To Be Released? Time and Date of Release

The upcoming Netflix drama limited series From Scratch, created by Tembi and Attica Locke, is based on Tembi Locke’s memoir of the same name. Attica Locke is the creator of the eight-episode television series, which features Zoe Saldaa.

On October 21st, 2022, From Scratch is set to premiere. The series will begin on November 7th, 2019. Zoe Saldaa was slated to executive produce and appear in the comedy.

The founders and executive producers of the program are Tembi and Attica Locke. Reese Witherspoon, Lauren Neustadter, Richard Abate, Jermaine Johnson, and Will Rowbotham are executive producers. Nzingha Stewart, Guy Louthan, Emily Ferenbach, Cisely Salda, and Mariel Salda produce.

How Can I Watch From Scratch Online?

Those who have a Netflix membership will get access to From Scratch. The base Netflix subscription is $9.99. If you want HD, you must contact the standard bundle, which costs $15.49. At the same time, the premium Ultra HD version costs $19.99.

Additionally, On October 21st, From Scratch will be released on Netflix. It seems to be a lovely little Christmas romance series, with the Italian food poised and ready to take center stage alongside the two romantic leads.

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The series is based on Tembi Locke’s book, From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home, which she co-wrote with her sister to adapt for television and reach a new audience.

Because the two co-wrote both the opening and closing episodes, one can be sure that the eight-episode series will stay pretty accurate to the original substance.

From Scratch Trailer Details

Yes, Netflix unveiled the From Scratch official teaser on September 16th. The teaser emphasizes their brief but intense romance while also showing us the couple’s marriage, Lino’s dreaded illness, and the birth of their child.

As a result, the trailer’s debut garnered much interest, and people are still talking about it. We predict the audience will continue to be intrigued until the scheduled release.

What Is From Scratch About?

Following Amahle “Amy” Wheeler, an American student studying abroad in Italy, as she meets and falls in love with Lino, a Sicilian chef, in From Scratch, a cross-cultural love story motivated by the biography. Zoe Saldaa plays the role of Amy.

True to real life, their tumultuous relationship is also infused with humor and lightheartedness that coexist with the darker moments. Their vastly different cultural backgrounds are only one of the unexpected challenges their fast courtship tackles.

The two families join together to create an extended family, unlike anything they could have imagined. Still, when Lino experiences unanticipated health problems and the couple’s future is threatened, it proves that love knows no borders.

The lovely story From Scratch discusses family, food, and the value of being supported by your family no matter what by your loved ones. Oh, and there will be so much delicious food that you’ll probably get hungry while watching the series!

Is “From Scratch” Based On A True Story?

From Scratch is based on a true story; that much is true. Tembi Locke’s memoir is titled From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home. The memoir was published in 2019 and was immediately acclaimed as a bestseller by The New York Times.

Locke is a co-creator and executive producer of the program. The show’s creator is Tembi’s sister, Attica Locke, who witnessed both of Tembi’s experiences with love at first sight and heartbreak. Other screenwriters for the show include Amy Wang, JJ Braider, Joshua Allen, Jason Coffey, and Marguerite MacIntire.

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Nzingha Stewart and Dennie Gordon have been named as the show’s directors. Reese Witherspoon is one of the series’ executive producers.

From Scratch Cast Details

One of the primary characters from Scratch is Amy Wheeler, who Zoe Saldaa represents. Her roles in numerous movies, including Star Trek, The Adam Project, The Avengers: Infinity War, and Guardians of the Galaxy, have earned her recognition.

Saldaa shares the lead role with Eugenio Mastrandrea, who portrays the sexy chef in Lino’s television series. His earlier films and television shows are La fuggitiva, Nero a metà, and ACAB – All Cops Are Bastards.

The cast includes the following people:


  • As Amy, Zoe Saldaa
  • As Lino, Eugenio Mastrandrea
  • As Zora, Danielle Deadwyler
  • As Hershel, Keith David
  • Lynn is Kellita Smith.
  • Maxine is Judith Scott.
  • Filomena, played by Lucia Sardo
  • Benassai as Giacomo in a parody
  • As Biagia, Roberta Rigano


  • As Ken, Terrell Carter
  • Laila, played by Medalion Rahimi
  • David is Jonathan Del Arco.
  • Andreas is Peter Mendoza.
  • As Filippo, Lorenzo Pozzan
  • As Silvio, Jonathan D. King
  • Dr. Atluri, played by Saad Siddiqui


  • As Giancarlo, Giacomo Gianniotti
  • As Chloe Lim, Elizabeth Anweis
  • Caroline, played by Kassandra Clementi
  • Preston, played by Rodney Gardiner

Some FAQs

Where was From Scratch filmed?

From Scratch was filmed in parts in Los Angeles and Florence, Italy.

Is From Scratch based on a real story?

Yes, From Scratch is based on a memoir.

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