Nail Rayner, a French rapper, has recently been in the spotlight because some TLC Reddit detectives have assumed he is dating Whitney Way Thore. In addition, the “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” star Whitney was spotted with a man who resembles Nail Rayner.

Thore acknowledged that she still sees the Frenchman in the most recent preview for the forthcoming season. In addition, she recently published a lengthy essay on Instagram explaining how she felt about her new partner after numerous curious followers sent her direct messages asking about the unidentified man.

She immediately announced that she and Nail had been in France for six weeks and pleaded with everyone to stop questioning their love.

French Rapper Nail Rayner Bio, Wikipedia: Are Nail Rayner And Whitney Thore Dating?
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French Rapper Nail Rayner Wikipedia Bio

Rapper Nail Rayner, a native of Paris, became well-known on Twitter after it was revealed that he was Whitney Thore’s mysterious boyfriend.

His ancestry claims he was born in France, although some sources claim he is from a region of Canada where French is spoken.

Along with a blossoming rapper trying to make it in the music industry, Nail Rayner is reported to be a graphic designer and a language instructor. His name has sparked online debate since Whitney supporters think he is a French Muslim.

He has no web presence, given that he is an artist. But some Reddit detectives discovered some clues about him and some of his earlier rap recordings.

Due to persistent reports that he was dating Whitney Thore, his Facebook profile was deleted, and other websites made his music videos private.

Are Nail Rayner And Whitney Thore Dating?

Nail Rayner and Whitney Thore are said to be dating; however, it is unknown who the enigmatic French man is. French language software is said to have helped Whitney Thore of My Big Fat Fabulous Life find her current boyfriend.

“I met a Frenchman who was living in France. He is younger than I am, despite being in his 30s. He produces images.

He has taken up a significant portion of my time and developed into a friend; nearly felt like a good companion. We had been communicating for approximately five months. “She came clean in a quiet setting.

Whitney Way Thore
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During those five months, when they conversed in French, Rayner started telling her about himself. They quickly realized they had much more in common than they had initially thought. She stated that even though she didn’t want to name him her lover, she grew to like him.

Although his face hasn’t yet been shown, it seems that she video chats with him while the show is on. A few claim that his admirers are aware of his identity, though.

What TLC revealed on My Big Fat Fabulous Life allowed people to glimpse Nail’s true identity. Despite the producers’ best efforts to conceal his identity, the final episode of the broadcast had a mistake.

French Rapper Nail Rayner Age And Height: Physical Appearance

Nail Rayner appears to be between the ages of 20 and 30 based on images from social media. He seems to be 6 feet and 2 inches tall. He is described as having a friendly personality by the media.

Nail has gone to great lengths to keep his name a secret since he doesn’t want to be addressed and judged by the public or the media.

There isn’t a lot of information about him available online or elsewhere. However, he has published a lot of online ads for photography and videography services.

There isn’t a social media profile under his name. Instead, he appears to be a reserved individual who utilizes social media sites occasionally. Whitney Thore, rumoured to be his girlfriend, has an active Instagram account and one million followers.

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