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As of 2022, Marion Frith and Fran Kelly have been working together continuously for nearly 30 years. In addition, three kids from Marion’s prior union are raised by the couple.

Fran Kelly, an Australian radio host, current events reporter, and political correspondent, hosted the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio National program Breakfast.

Kelly was recognized as one of the country’s most significant gay and lesbian Australians when she received the “Same Same 25” award in 2008. In addition, she contributed to the 2008 documentary program The Howard Years.

In 2011, she was named one of Sydney’s top 100 influencers. Additionally, the Australian electronic magazine Crikey referred to her as “one of the most significant media players in the country” that same year.

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Marion Frith – Fran Kelly’s Partner

Fran Kelly married Marion Frith for about 30 years and is the stepmother to their three children from a previous union.

With her husband of about 30 years, journalist Fran Kelly, Marion has been caring for her three children from a previous relationship. They have five grandchildren altogether.

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Kelly has been with her partner for almost 30 years( Source : I )

The empathetic nature of the former journalist Frith and her aptitude for revealing the human side of the news has long been respected.

For Frith, the importance of the story to the audience came first. So naturally, it is not surprising that her debut book, Here in After, explores the various ways in which people respond to tragedy.

Marion Frith, a former journalist who has also held senior communications specialist and political copywriter positions, recently underwent further training to earn her certification as a family mediator.

How Did Fran Kelly Met Her Partner?

Fran Kelly claimed that she initially became acquainted with Marion Frith after working together on a project. She was particularly drawn to Marion’s enthusiasm and sense of humor.

She was a woman other reporters would always consult for assistance during their time together at The Canberra Times. She was also someone who didn’t mind if you tried to add your personality to a story.

Fran Kelly with Marion Frith (Source:

She needs help hosting breakfast radio, which Marion has generously given her. But regrettably, this demanding schedule dictates the family’s rhythm.

Marion’s three children were still relatively little when they first met. Fran was eager to begin her new responsibilities as a stepparent. It is a satisfying and challenging relationship.

Fran is more emotionally stable, while Marion is more impulsive. When Marion arrived home from work, according to Fran, she would dress professionally and go outside to mix the cement for the mosaic they were creating on their garden wall.

Details On Fran Kelly Career

In 1988, Fran Kelly decided that journalism was what she wanted to do and moved to Sydney to work on The Drum on Triple J. In 1990, she began working as a reporter for ABC Radio National’s AM and PM current affairs programs.

‘I just need a minute to reinvent myself’: Fran Kelly on life after RN (Source:

As the head of the ABC’s Canberra bureau, chief political correspondent for AM and PM, political editor for Radio National Breakfast and The 7:30 Report on ABC television, and correspondent for Europe, Kelly received a promotion.

In 2005, she returned to Australia to serve as the host of Radio National Breakfast. In addition, she participated in a panel and served as an analyst for Insiders on ABC TV, which she anchored from August through December 2019.

Kelly made the decision to quit RN Breakfast on October 21, 2021. She would still carry on contributing to ABC in a number of ways, including as the co-host of the podcast The Party Room and a reporter for national elections.

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