For unclear reasons, Fluffy, aka Gabriel Iglesias, broke up with his ex-girlfriend Claudia Valdez. Fluffy is the stage name of stand-up comedian and actor Gabriel Iglesias.

He has created several stand-up specials for Netflix and Comedy Central, among other television networks. 

In addition, he has performed as an actor in some motion pictures and television shows, including “Magic Mike,” “Space Jam: New Legacy,” and “Stand Up Revolution” on Comedy Central.

Eddie Murphy, Bill Cosby, Paul Rodriguez, and Robin Williams are some of his comedic influences. During his stand-up performances, he is renowned for donning Hawaiian shirts. In 2018, he was among the top 10 highest-paid comedians in the world.

He has won numerous honors from El Paso, Texas, including the key to the city and the Beacon of H.O.P.E. Award from Operation H.O.P.E.

Fluffy Break Up With His Girlfriend Claudia Valdez Reasons: Fluffy Wife, Son And Disqualified from Last Comic Standing
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Why did Fluffy Break Up With His Girlfriend, Claudia Valdez?

It is uncertain what caused Fluffy and his ex-girlfriend Claudia Valdez to split up.

Valdez and Fluffy broke up in 2017, but he only made the news of it public in 2019. He first met Claudia in 2008 while working on a movie set, and they have been dating.

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Although Claudia is an actor, her relationship with the stand-up comedian helped her become well-known. In addition, it is known that Fluffy adopted Frankie, the kid of Valdez’s previous marriage and that the two enjoy a close relationship.

His struggles with alcoholism and melancholy may have harmed their relationship. However, the ex-couple hasn’t disclosed any information regarding their breakup.

PartnerClaudia Valdez (from 2008-2017)

Fluffy Wife Details

Since Fluffy is not currently married, he is unmarried and has no wife.

Since splitting from his longtime girlfriend, Claudia Valdez, he has kept his personal life discreet and is widely believed to be single. However, he turned his attention to his health after he broke down in front of the audience during the event in 2017.

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He entered survival mode, abstained from drinking for two years, and neglected his work obligations. In an interview, he said that success and wealth were meaningless if one couldn’t make time for their family.

He chose to lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle to be there for his family after receiving a Type II Diabetes diagnosis and a doctor’s two-year prognosis. Fluffy doesn’t seem very committed to starting a new relationship after his breakup and health problems.

Fluffy Son Explored

Frankie is the biological son of Claudia Valdez and the stepson of Fluffy. In 1997, Frankie was born. It was then discovered that Fluffy had taken in his stepson. Despite his breakup with Valdez, the stand-up comic still has a tight relationship with his son. They are pretty close.

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In Dallas, he sobbed on stage while talking about his son during Fluffy’s performance. Later, he expressed regret to Frankie for spending so much time away. Frankie acknowledged his father’s regret and increased his time with him. Due to his preference for maintaining a personal existence, Frankie has less information available.


Fluffy was Disqualified from Last Comic Standing

Fluffy was eliminated from “Last Comic Standing” because he broke the rules by bringing a Blackberry into the competition to communicate with his fiancée. He participated as one of the comics in the show’s fourth season in 2006.

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However, he was disqualified because he broke the terms of the agreement by communicating with his loved ones while the tournament was still going on. Later, the comedian made fun of his exclusion and claimed to be the first Mexican to be expelled from television. He claimed every contender was engaging in devious behavior, but only he was discovered.

Some F.A.Q.s

Why Did Fluffy Break Up With His Girlfriend?

Fluffy broke up with his long-term girlfriend, Claudia Valdez, in 2017, and the reason is still unknown.

Who Is Fluffy’s Son?

Fluffy’s son is Frankie, and the comedian is not his biological father.

How Old Is Fluffy?

Fluffy is 46 years old and celebrated his birthday on July 15.

What Is Fluffy’s Net Worth?

Fluffy’s net worth is estimated to be $40 million, Celebrity Net Worth reports.

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