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Unfortunately, Brazilian comedian and talk show host Jo Soares lost away on August 5, 2022, at 84.

  • Jo Soares was checked into the Srio-Libanês Hospital in Sao Paulo on July 28.
  • According to The Globo, the Brazilian died in the hospital at 2:30 in the morning.
  • The host was well known for his prowess as a writer and musician. The comedian finished his studies and headed back to Rio in 1958.

To learn more about Jo Soare’s death news and biography, continue reading the article below.

Flavia Junqueira Biography, Wikipedia And Age

Flávia Junqueira, 84 years old graphic designer, was Jô Soares’ former spouse, and she does not have a Wikipedia page.

His ex-wife Flavia Pedras Soares expressed her sympathy for losing the broadcaster, whom she referred to as her “forever love,” on social media. She was among those who broke the news of the legend’s departure first.

“Jô Soares, an actor, comedian, director, and writer, recently passed away. He left us under the So Paulo Sri Libanais hospital’s professional and attentive care.

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So, celebrate and raise a glass to your life, she said. People who have enjoyed their personalities for more than 60 years of their professions repeated their catchphrases and laughed at the comic’s razor-sharp insight.

Flávia described the story of a man who settled down there because he loved the place where he was born and wanted to use comedy to make it a better place.

Then she said, “Long live you, Bitiko, Acorn, Small, Pet, Crap, Fat! ” to express her heartfelt sorrow. You should be proud of everyone who has helped you in life.

Flavia’s Husband Jo Soares Death Cause

Flavia’s husband Jo Soares passed away in the hospital Sro-Libanês around 2:30 in the morning.

Jo allegedly recognized his medical issues but opted not to go into further detail. Walking is difficult, and the agony is terrible. It begins to beep the moment I begin to move.

However, he said, that doesn’t necessitate an intensive care facility. The facilitator frequently uses a wheelchair to reduce this inconvenience.

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Soares also discussed how he reacts to news stories regarding his personal life. I don’t read because I’m bored. I don’t have social media, including Twitter, he retorted.

The host referred to having obsessive-compulsive disorder throughout his biography (OCD). He insists on a small rightward skew in all of his personal artwork.

Flavia Junqueira Net Worth In 2022

According to, Flávia Junqueira is worth more than $750,000. She credits her career as a graphic designer for this wealth.

She has a Ph.D. in visual arts from the Institute of Arts of the State University of Campinas, a master’s degree in visual poetry from the University of So Paulo (USP), and a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Fundaço Armando Alvares Penteado.

According to The Unixgallery, the artist took part in a variety of projects and exhibitions, such as “Culture and Conflict,” IZOLYATSIA in Exile, Palais de Tokyo, The World Bank Art Program, Kaunas Photo Festival, the solo exhibition “Tomorrow I will be born again” at Cité Dés Arts, and the collective “Una Mirada Latino Americana” by the Photo Espaa project.

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