Firework Mishap: Chief Keef Accident-What Happened To Him?
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After his Fourth of July mishap, Chief Keef became a recent internet fad. He is alive and well thanks to the fact that he survived the accident.

Injuries and mishaps involving explosives were widely reported as fireworks filled the sky in observance of Independence Day (July 4).

When the fireworks in his driveway malfunctioned on Monday night, spraying embers crazily in all directions and prompting Sosa and his guests to flee for cover, Chief Keef joined the second group.

Chicago drill rapper Lil Gnar, a 43B signee, captured the entire chaotic scene before running for safety. It’s not known where exactly this incident took place or if anyone was wounded.

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Chief Keef Accident Details

When Chief Keef was enjoying the Fourth of July with his friends and family, he recently had a fireworks-related accident.

Around the 10-second mark, Keef realizes something isn’t quite right and quickly steers clear of the explosions. Hopefully, nobody was hurt, and Chief Keef’s costly automobiles weren’t seriously damaged.

They had never witnessed the leader of the Glo Gang move that swiftly, and according to his comments, this is what he had in mind when he threatened to blow up New Jersey on “Faneto.”

Sosa transformed his Lamborghini Urus into a sort of Mystery Machine in June by wrapping it to mimic the legendary van from the Scooby-Doo cartoon.

However, a video that was published online makes it clear that things abruptly changed. The video begins with a crowd trying to dodge a lit firework that shoots straight into the air.

Chief Keef Firework Mishap Case

The good news for Chief Keef’s admirers is that he has successfully recovered from the fireworks catastrophe and is still alive and well.

When you put off fireworks, it’s all in good fun until your home almost burns down. Fireworks are still being let off around the nation even though the Fourth of July Weekend festivities are done.

As cities across the nation prepared for weeks of fireworks displays, fans got to watch how Chief Keef and his staff celebrated the Fourth of July.

Keef lit off fireworks at home with friends and family, much like millions of other Americans did around the country to commemorate the occasion.

The remaining fireworks continued to display while everyone’s attention was diverted by the explosion in the sky, and they started to scatter sparks all over the ground.

What Happened To Chief Keef?

Chief Keef is now healing from the minor wounds he sustained during the incident on July 4.

People naturally grabbed out their iPhones to record the commotion as the crowd sprinted for refuge behind the nearby cars.

Even as they ducked behind cars and appeared to be out of the path, the high-flying sparks curled overhead and nearly missed those attempting to prevent injury.

Thankfully, it doesn’t seem like anyone was hurt. The video below shows Chief Keef and his friends escaping to safety.

In January 2017, Chief Keef was taken into custody on suspicion of robbery and assault against producer Ramsay Tha Great. He claimed that Chief Keef allegedly removed his Rolex watch and displayed guns.

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