The lead actors in the movie Clue to Love are Rachel Bles and Travis Milne. Canada’s Hamilton, Ontario, are the location for The Clue to Love’s filming.

Graeme Campbell helmed the hour-and-a-half-long film from a script written by Aimee Pitta. Reel One Entertainment and CME Summer Productions collaborated to bring audiences the best possible versions of a romantic comedy.

Even though the project was never given a rotten tomatoes score, it has received positive feedback from viewers. The primary plot is standard, but the side love tale makes an impact. The protagonists were meant for one other, as they had fantastic chemistry.

A welcome change of pace was the film’s refreshing focus on female friendship.

The Clue To Love Cast
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Find The Clue to Love Cast List

Rachel Bles and Travis Milne play critical roles in Clue to Love. In addition to Richard Fitzpatrick and Kyra Harper, the cast also includes.

Critics have spoken, and they’ve chosen the cast of The Clue to Love (aka Paper Hearts) as the best of the year.

Sometimes the story has great potential, but the team is behind on their deliveries, which kills the project. Paper Hearts is entertaining, but the actors’ seamless chemistry makes the movie stand out.

The characters Of The Clue to Love Cast are listed below.

Rachel Bles Plays Audrey Harper

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The film’s protagonist, Audrey Harper, is played by the stunning blonde goddess Rachel Bles.

She is an aspiring author and journalist always looking for new material. The bright Editor in Chief, Morgan Cooper, is introduced to her when she is assigned to write about Hope Cove’s past.

She’s a beam of light that doesn’t seem bothered by his insults.

Travis Milne Plays Morgan Cooper

36-year-old Travis Milne portrays the gorgeous but irritable editor-in-chief, Morgan Cooper.

The writing talent, however, has left him with a nasty disposition, and he is not the kind of person who would welcome a visitor to his hometown. He doesn’t like having Audrey tag along and gets irritated when she deviates from the discussion.

But even he can’t help but be won over by her charming demeanor and winsome grins. Soon enough, he made dinner for her, complimented her writing, and asked her to move in with him.

Aunt Fanny Plays Kyra Harper

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Fantastically portrayed by Kyra Harper, Aunt Fanny is another wise older woman who has seen it all.

She advises Audrey to keep trying to work things out with Morgan because she knows the natural man. She also includes the urban legend of mystery columnist Ask Aunt Hope since she finds it intriguing.

Clifton Cooper Plays Richard Fitzpatrick

Senior Cooper is portrayed by Richard Fitzpatrick, who captures the essence of a caring father.

With his mood deteriorating, he reluctantly passes the magazine’s leadership to his wayward son, Morgan. He even kindly invites the up-and-coming author to test her skills on him.

Despite what he says, he is the first to laud him, boasting about how his son won a Pulitzer for a local paper.

Locations For The Clue To Love Filming

Hamilton, Ontario, was the primary setting for The Clue to Love’s filming. Numerous Canadian cities were used as filming locations.

The majority of The Clue to Love was shot in, per IMDb.

The metropolis of half a million people remained in the geographic center of Ontario, close to many exciting points of interest.

The municipality is proud to have hosted filming for some of the most talked-about productions in the province, including The Boys, The Handmaid’s Tale, The Umbrella Academy, The Queen’s Gambit, Shazam!, and Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities.

It has a large variety of high-quality hotels, housing, and dining options, and its crews find it irresistible.

Hope Cove is well situated in this little village with extensive city scenery because the residents are kind and helpful to the filming industry. The city of Hamilton, Ontario, has designated places for filming, which are listed on a separate webpage titled Hamilton Filming Locations.

The wonderful ambiance and adaptability of Bowman’s Court and Old Church make them ideal settings for various situations.

When Will The Clue To Love Be Published?

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The Canadian film audiences have been waiting since 2021 has already hit theaters.

Those who were interested in seeing the movie but could not do so when it was released in theaters will be able to do it now. Amazon Prime members may rent the film for approximately $5 each month while buying it would save you $9.99.

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Trailer Breakdown

Released in May of 2021, the trailer for the next romantic comedy has already racked up over 500,000 views on YouTube.

In the opening scene, aspiring author Audrey Harper is debating whether or not to travel to Hope Cove for her next story, where she had previously met the dashing Editor in, Chief Morgan Cooper.

When they initially meet, he treats her like she’s a food delivery girl, and that’s when the friction begins. In truth, his father hired her to help guide him in the correct direction.

He was hesitant to let her follow him at first, but he eventually gave in and showed her around town to meet the locals. As they travel the country in quest of the columnist behind Ask Aunt Hope, they grow close to one another. They develop romantic feelings for one another while complimenting each other’s articles.

Audiences continue to speculate about whether or not the columnist’s identity will be revealed, as well as whether or not the two opposites will end up together.

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