The locations used to shoot Shrinking were all in or around Los Angeles County in California. The cinematic excellence of Shrinking was universally praised.

Produced in the United States, the comedy-drama series was created by Brett Goldstein, Bill Lawrence, and Jason Segel. On January 27, 2023, the series premiered on Apple TV+.

Jimmy Laird, a therapist, deals with his grief over the death of his wife while helping others get through their difficult times.

While the protagonist seeks support from his friends and coworkers, he also tries unconventional therapy on his patients.

Jimmy doesn’t provide impartial analysis to clients who visit his office; instead, he shares his opinions and makes cutting comments on their statements.

Throughout the season, viewers will see the main character undergo a healing process and have the opportunity to evaluate the efficacy of this strategy.

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Where Was Shrinking Filmed?

The most populous county in the US was the setting for the movie “Shrinking.” The vast portion of the movie “Shrinking” was filmed in a rural setting.

The show’s characters are getting more and more nuanced backstories, and they have fun interacting with one another. Every shot in the film is essential to establishing the story’s credibility.

The county seat of Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, is one of the show’s primary production locations, as the team makes good use of the city’s many locations to film scenes against the desired backdrops.

Pasadena, the most populous city in the San Gabriel Valley, also hosts several pivotal scenes. A few set pieces were also shot at the Warner Bros. Studios at 4000 Warner Boulevard in Burbank.

It runs a big movie studio that it owns and operates. Several well-known films have been shot here, including Night Court, Friends, Young Sheldon, Euphoria, and Shameless.

The popular TV show “The Office” was also filmed locally. You can probably guess how the location influenced the taste in movies.

What Is Shrinking All About?

In the comedy series Shrinking, the main character, a therapist, is shown to be in a deep depression. The reception to shrinking has been positive thus far.

This one has a motley cast of characters that are the targets of slapstick, surreal, and occasionally heartfelt comedy.

This film is the natural progression of an inspired collaboration between Jason Segel, Bill Lawrence (co-creator of Ted Lasso), and Brett Goldstein (actor and screenwriter).

The show initially needs help with how it presents and treats certain characters. The early stages of Shrinking also fail to find a happy medium between its sad and funny moments.

Despite some shaky beginning episodes, “The Good Place” quickly establishes itself as the first exceptional ensemble TV comedy of the year, thanks to several memorable performances.

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The drama series, which is both ambitious and genuinely touching, doesn’t mind letting its characters become as dirty as possible. Character and program chaos occasionally intersect, although this happens infrequently.

By the time it reaches its ninth episode, which is both complex and emotionally taxing, Shrinking has already proven to be one of the more outstanding comedies to make its appearance in recent months.

Where Can We Watch Shrinking?

The film Shrinking is now available on Apple TV+. Given that it was created specifically for Apple TV+, it is exclusively available to paying customers.

The $7 monthly subscription rate makes it one of the cheapest streaming services available. If you buy an Apple product, you can get a free three-month trial of Apple TV+.

After the initial seven-day trial period, the membership price drops to only $6.99 a month. Apple TV+ is a part of Apple One, a bundle that includes up to five additional Apple services for a single monthly fee.

First airing on Apple TV Plus on January 27, the program has two episodes. Apple’s original programming lineup, which includes “Ted Lasso” and “Severance,” will soon include the new comedic series.

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