Is Jessica Tarlov Related to Phil Wegmann? Jessica Tarlov and Phil Wegmann are not related. The rumor began when people began comparing their facial features and appearances.

One person responded to the tweet from Cable News Watch by saying they believe Phil and Jessica are biological brothers and sisters.

Most individuals concur with the user and claim that they even sound alike. They still need to verify it and have yet to exchange posts on social media.

Although they do not have similar surnames, some assume they are related. They both work for Fox News, but Phil is in Washington, and Jessica is based in New York.

Find Phil Wegmann And Jessica Tarlov Relationship: Phil Wegmann Biography Revealed
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Details On Phil Wegmann And Jessica Tarlov’s Relationship

Despite claims to the contrary, Phil and Jessica are unrelated despite sharing a similar voice and set of features.

They resembled each other when they first debuted on The Five in 2021, leading fans to wonder if they were related.

They don’t even have the same last name, and since they don’t attend each other’s family events, they are not cousins.

They both come from completely different states. Jess is from New York, and Phil is from Indiana.

His mother, Elizabeth Wegmann, and his father, Lynn Wegmann, are his parents, Philip. In contrast, Jess was born to Judith Roberts and Mark Tarlov.

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Phil Wegmann Biography

Real Clear Politics reporter Phil Wegmann covered the White House. Phil has a strong background in political reporting and journalism.

He attended Hillsdale College and graduated with a degree in History and Politics. He currently resides in Washington, DC. He accepted a position as a staff writer at Washington Examiner after graduating.

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Later, in 2019, he was given a chance to work as a presidential mansion reporter, and he is currently doing so. Phil has also conducted studies on congressional corruption investigative reporting.

Additionally, he has experience as a legislative correspondent and radio producer. Wegmann frequently appeared on Fox News, CNN, BBC, NPR, and other radio stations.

Additionally, he has held positions as an American Future Foundation fellow, a Publius fellow at Claremont college, and an Eagle Scout.

He initially hails from Indiana and enjoys riding his fantastic CB750 motorcycle. He is secretive outside of work and only posts job-related topics on social media.

Even his Twitter bio pales in comparison to how he appears on paper. He has received recognition as a Young Leader, Publius Fellow, Writing Fellow, and Eagle Scout, according to his LinkedIn.

The Tony Blankley Chair for Public Policy and American Exceptionalism has also been given to Phil. Additionally, he has received the Career Achievement Award.

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