Find Out The Reason Why Cody Broke Up With Zeo And His New Relationship Details

Cody Orlove uses Snapchat to tell his followers that his girlfriend, Tess Krauser, is expecting their first child. Cody and Tess’s relationship dates back to the year 2020.

Cody often creates a video in which he covers a song and puts it online to experiment with new formats and styles. In 2017, his video on TikTok became viral and catapulted him into the limelight.

He has done a few covers, including ‘This Side of Paradise’ and ‘Say Something’. While touring with the “Boys of Summer” in 2018, he performed alongside a popular YouTuber.

After gaining popularity on TikTok, he created a channel on YouTube and quickly amassed 823,00 followers.

In his videos, he often plays pranks on his audience or discusses topics of interest to his audience. His prank film accounts for most of his 70 million YouTube views.

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Who Is Cody Orlove’s Girlfriend?

Midway through 2020, Cody and his partner announced they were expecting their first kid. About three weeks ago, they shared the happy news they were expecting on Snapchat.

They have not provided further information regarding the pregnancy since their initial statement. Since she is equally well-known for her videos on the platform, many assume that the two met there.

TikTok is another platform where she has succeeded, with 280k followers and 24 million likes. Her material is mainly focused on performing, especially lip-syncing and dancing. She also has a respectable number of Instagram followers (59.3k, to be exact).

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Earlier this month, on January 4th, she became the ripe old age of 22. They’re not afraid to show affection for one another online or share their feelings openly.

Since they’ve decided to live and enjoy the holidays together, it’s safe to assume they’re committed to one another.

They stopped showing up in each other’s movies and photos in 2021, leading many to speculate that they had broken up.

However, she addressed the speculation on TikTok, reassuring her followers that the couple is still together. While in town, she stayed with her BFF at her BFF’s place.

Reason Why Cody Broke Up With Zeo

Cody and Zeo were among the most famous couples on social media, and their relationship began on TikTok. A long-distance connection existed between the two people.

Both Cody and Zeo call their respective states home. However, Cody resides in Chicago and Zeo in Indiana.

With 22 million fans and two billion likes, she has become one of the most popular TikTok creators. Simply being in a relationship with her boosted Cody’s popularity and appeal.

They have a massive fan base, a successful YouTube channel with over a million followers, and a coveted “golden bottom” award.

Their divorce news in 2020 came as a massive shock to them and their fans, who dubbed them Zody. Cody’s separation from Zeo is violent, and she accuses him of assaulting her.

The fallout from this has cost him many fans and maybe his career. A video titled “Getting Married for 24 Hours” was also uploaded at the start of their relationship.

A month after posting this video, they broke up and made an official announcement. Cody said that the primary reason for the breakup was because her ex-boyfriend caught her cheating.

He also disproved Zeo’s claim that he was abusive by demonstrating that she was causing him pain. After that, their relationship was on and off until ending in June 2020. Cody and Zeo continued interacting on one other’s social media accounts even after they had broken up.

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