Model Gabimfmoura had extensive plastic surgery. Gabimfmoura frequently posts before-and-after comparisons of herself on social media to highlight her progress.

Dr. Gabimfmoura has had rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, a brow lift, and liposuction of the submental area performed on him.

A lovely model, she joined the social media scene this year (2018). She had many facelifts and filler treatments in 2020 as her insecurities grew and cosmetic surgery became more mainstream.

She has decided to have Botox injections in her forehead and thread therapy for her lips and eyelids. In real life, she goes by the name Gabriela Moura, and she is a famous TikTok content creator.

She has gained a large following on Instagram because of the combination of lifestyle and advertising photographs she often uploads.

Image Source: Pimiso

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Gabimfmoura Has Performed Numerous Plastic Surgeries

Throughout his career, Gabimfmoura has likely conducted many cosmetic procedures. Gabimfmoura has never hidden the fact that she had surgery; to the contrary, she has posted dozens of videos to YouTube detailing the operation.

It has been three years since she underwent her first cosmetic treatment, a nose job. Her boyfriend Collin was shown caring for her in several of her movies uploaded on YouTube.

Her fan base declared him “keeper material” after seeing the clip. She believes the tip of her nose is shapeless and flat and has always been a source of self-loathing for her.

She was pleased to finally have the nose job she’d desired since she was a teenager. Then in 2020, she injected herself to excess, which she deeply lamented.

She said that plastic surgery is not the only option for people who are unhappy with their physical appearance while discussing her procedure.

She also encouraged her critics to leave the video without judging, labeling, tagging, or harassing her. She documented the whole thing on camera with xenamei.

An eye lift and a ponytail lift are different yet related surgical treatments. Upper lid blepharoplasty, lateral brow lift, submental lipectomy and sub-mentoplasty, and so on are all examples of these procedures.

As a result of the Covid rule, Collin could not be there for her operation. Thus, she had to undergo it alone. The activity was in full swing from seven in the morning until 10:30.

While she was pleased with the end outcome, she was unhappy with the treatment itself since she had not been informed that her entire face would be swollen for over a year.

Image Source: Pimiso

Because we can restore the original form of our faces with botox and fillers, she rethought her position and now advises any young female against cosmetic surgery.

In the process of removing her fillers, she is gradually regaining her natural form. She is pleased with the results of her rhinoplasty.

She is not necessarily against using cosmetics to artificially age oneself, even though she may have had some treatments she now deeply regrets.

Gabimfmoura Underwent Plastic Surgery

Images of Gabimfmoura before she underwent plastic surgery may be seen on the photo-sharing app Instagram.

Her first surgery was a nose job in 2019. Therefore, photos of her from the previous year clearly show her before the procedure.

She had a lovely look, with a sharp jawline and slender face, when she first began posting videos to YouTube and writing blog posts for social media. The only thing that ever disturbed her was her nose.

Soon after, in 2019, she got a rhinoplasty. Once the epidemic hit in 2020 and we all had time on our hands, she began to feel insecure as she saw all the social media influencers undergoing plastic surgery.

She admitted to undergoing many operations on her face in 2020, which she now bitterly regrets. Her face was puffy for over a year after her surgeries since she had so many done at once.

The surgery gave her what she wanted, but she hated the changes and felt guilty about making them. The following year, she made some changes and started taking better care of herself.

Gabi prioritized herself and restrained her desire to party, which she attributed partly to the puffiness of her face.

She made conscious efforts to alter her routines, most notably her diet and sleep schedule, and saw positive results.

She has stopped having filler since November 2020 and is working to dissolve any that may still be in her face from previous procedures.

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