Find Cast Of Mixed Baggage And Their Details

Alex Barima, Shannon Baker, Spencer Lord, and Leanne Lappe make up the cast of Mixed Baggage. UPTv will air “Mixed Baggage” on February 19.

Two strangers taking the same airline’s flight are the film’s subjects. Evie Jones is traveling on the airplane to deliver a prosthetic nose she has with her.

Jake Weber is toting around his friend’s engagement ring in the meantime. They sit next to each other when they board the aircraft.

Still, since they all have the same color and size duffle bag, an air prisoner who moves their bags gets them mixed up.

They converse while the aircraft is in the air. They are talking so much that they are unaware of when the jet reaches its destination. Evie chooses a bag that is not hers out of haste, and Jake snatches her bag.

They become aware of their errors only after arriving at their destination. They are both currently looking for their bag.They look for their bag and discover it along with something else.

Find Cast of Mixed Baggage And Their Details

Meet The Mixed Baggage Cast

Leanne Lapp, Alex Barima, Shannon Baker, and Spencer Lord are cast members of Mixed Baggage. The lead actors in the film are Spencer and Leanne.

The film’s central theme is the discovery of love between two strangers who were meant to be together. The green duffel bag they carried served as a metaphor for their relationship.

Leanne Lapp Performs Evie Jones

Canadian actress Leanne Lapp was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. When she was tiny, she had always been interested in performing.

When she watched movies starring Shirley Temple, her interest became even greater. She joined the improv team when she was a high school student.

She later competed in the Canadian Improv competition with other schools.She enrolled in the Groundlings School and the Circle in the Square Theatre School.

In 2008, the actor made her acting debut in small parts. The show iZombie, where she portrayed Gilda and Rita, is her most well-known work.

Her film also features The Magicians, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Ideal Bride, and Dangerous.

She plays the part of Evie Jones, one of the primary feature actors in this film. Evie’s love story is the main subject of the movie.

Spencer Lord Performs Jake Weber

Canadian actor Spencer Lord hails from Vancouver, British Columbia. The 2017 short film Elusion served as the actor’s debut feature.

Subsequently, the actor appeared in shows and films like Family Law, Fishing for Love, A Honeymoon to Remember, Riverdale, and A Honeymoon to Remember.

At the moment, he works with RED Talent Management. He plays Jake Weber in his most recent film, who is delivering the wedding ring for his pal.

Alex Barima Performs Raymond

Alex Barima is another actor who appears in the film. He is a native of Quebec’s Montreal. The actor wants to do more than act in movies. He wants to write, direct, and produce them as well.


He has been tremendously interested in performing ever since high school. He earned a post-secondary surprising degree after graduating.

Later, he went to the Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts to study theater and improve his acting career.

The actor portrays Raymond, a character in this film, who is getting married.

Barbara Is Shannon Baker

The Baker Twins, Shannon Baker and her twin Shauna Baker are Canadian models, actors, and businesswomen.

The Stellat’en First Nation is where the actress was born in British Columbia, Canada.The Carrier Tribe, of which the actress is a member, is her tribe.

She and her twin sister, who also grew up with their grandma, were fierce competitors from a young age. The model also competed in the Miss Universe Canada beauty competition in 2007.

She started modeling for publications, including UMM Magazine, Vancouver Magazine, and Say Magazine. She portrays Barbara, a friend of Evie Jones, in this film.

Further Members Of The Cast

  • Ivy Charles,
  •  Samantha Di Francesco
  •  Marion Eisman
  •  Camden Filtness
  •  Kavandeeo Hayre
  •  Angie Ip
  •  Katharine Isabelle
  •  Sophia Johnson
  •  Gigi Neil
  •  Sam Rahmani
  •  Shaughnessy Redden and 
  •  Faith Wright

Summary Of Mixed Baggage Flim And Plot

The Canadian city of Vancouver is a stunning location for the movie Mixed Baggage. The majority of the actors in the film are Canadians.


On Sunday, February 12, at 8 p.m., City TV in Canada broadcast the film’s world premiere. It will debut on Sunday, February 19, at 7 p.m. ET and then on Sunday, February 26, at 3 p.m. ET.

In the film, two strangers fall for one another as they converse on a flight to their destination. Evie isn’t even aware that the air hostess has lost her purse because they are preoccupied with their conversation.

Evie scrambles to exit the aircraft when she accidentally steals Jake’s backpack. She only notices that once she gets to her friend’s place.

The intimacy they felt on the flight will return when she meets him to collect her.

Breakdown Of The Mixed Baggage Trailer

Evie and Jake discuss happy endings in the trailer. She then gives her some napkin paper so that she may write. Later, Jake is seen putting Raymond’s wedding ring in the duffle bag. Also, he assures Raymond that the wedding ring is secure with him.

On the other hand, Barbara reminds Evie that the artificial nose must be brought. She will suffer severe repercussions if she doesn’t. Evie also affirms that the nose is secure in her care.

An air hostess jumbles up their bags inside the aircraft. Raymond and Barbara are both beginning to worry. Evie is also becoming frightened now.

She discovers a wedding band while looking through the bag.When speaking with Jake, Barbara becomes aware that he is the other person besides Evie.

She then queries his marital status.Evie also talks about the intriguing individual she met on the plane before she opened the bag.

Jake tells his friend Raymond about the wonderful girl he met on the flight and how they conversed the entire time.

They both set out to find one another, and as they searched for the lost object, they came across one another.

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