Find B&B Merry Cast Members And Filmed Location

B&B Merry was filmed at several places in Kelowna and British Columbia. The holiday film B&B Merry is on the Hallmark Channel.

This movie, which made its debut for the 2022 holiday season, is a part of the network’s Great American Christmas lineup. The film, directed by Paula Elle and with a script by Hayley Carr, has Jen Lilley and Jesse Hutch as its lead actors.

Owner Graham Cooper (Hutch) asks luxury travel expert Tracey Wise (Lilley) to a Christmas party so she may evaluate his family’s little bed & breakfast called “Silver Peak.”

The adjoining hotel resort, which has been taking clients for years and harming the little family-run business, is the main problem in the holiday film. Despite her concerns, she rejects the antiquated Silver Peak’s invitation.

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B&B Merry Filmed Location

The Canadian cities of Kelowna and British Columbia served as the backdrops for the filming of B&B Merry. In B&B Merry, a travel blogger’s story is portrayed.

In a short video that Great American Family published, lead actors Jen and Jesse described the beauty of the location where they were filming.

The squad participated in the network’s Hollywood stars’ friendly dance competition known as the Great American Dancing Wars, which GAC sponsored. The overall set-up and the sophistication of the sequences impressed Jesse and Jen.

There are fun things to do with the whole family in Kelowna, British Columbia, a multi-course dinner and late-night dance. Adults have various alternatives, from winery dinners and live music to comedy and clubs.

B&B Merry Cast Members

The lead actors in the original Christmas film B&B Merry are Jen Lilley and Jesse Hutch. The entire cast had a great time in Kelowna while filming the movie, as seen by their social media posts.

Lilley As Tracey

Lilley’s on-screen persona, Tracey writes a travel blog. She is invited to a Christmas getaway in a small town, B&B in exchange for a review.

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Jen, a well-known American actress, and singer, played a supporting role in The Artist (2011). She temporarily portrayed Maxie Jones on the venerable ABC soap opera serial General Hospital from September 2011 to August 2012.

Lilley is a singer in addition to being an actress. In 2014, she visited Georgia and performed at a charity event with SOWEGA Art Performance. The campaign assisted ONEless Ministries in raising funds. Her first-holiday album, “Tinsel Time,” was made available on November 24, 2015.

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Hutch as Graham

Hutch plays Graham, the owner of the bed & breakfast Tracey is invited to. Fans are impressed by the Canadian-born American actor’s superb performance, and the trailer for the film also shows him to be amazing.

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Jesse is well-known for his role as Jimmy Riley in the television series American Dreams. In 2007, he was given a prominent part in the Sci-Fi Channel television movie Termination Point. He also made frequent appearances in Season 2 of Arrow and Batwoman.

Jesse was raised all around Canada and participated in the outdoor program at Algonquin College. He spent the first four years of his employment as a water raft guide before beginning to seek an acting career.

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