FIDLAR Allegations And What Happened? :Find Band Members Bio, Net Worth And Tour Details

Despite FIDLAR’s charges, Reddit users assert that the band members are innocent, which caused the band’s Twitter account to be suspended.

The American punk and garage band FIDLAR was started by Zac Carper and Elvis Kuehn in Los Angeles. At the recording studio where they first met, Zac was a sound engineer, and Elvis was an intern. They started producing music when the studio was empty and uploaded their creations online.

Three years after creating their first song together, the Atlanta-based duo shared a stage with another well-known garage rock band for their first public performance. They later started a tour with the Swedish band The Hives. They played on a number of stages and locations before they became well-known.

One of Stereogum’s 40 Best New Bands of 2012 was the group’s debut EP, DIYDUI, which was released in 2011. They also appeared on Last Call with Carson Daly in October of the same year.

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FIDLAR Charges: What Happened?

One of the bands that was the focus of allegations connected to the assault culture at Burger Records in 2020 was FIDLAR.

They were among the bands that year that were discontinued. Everything started with the Burger Records affair, in which the record label was charged with promoting a culture of physical assault through its concerts and several of the bands it signed were accused of physical abuse by numerous women. FIDLAR was also signed to Burger Records at the time the complaints were made against the label.

A number of bands signed to Burger Records, including SWMRS, The Growlers, The Buttertones, Part Time, Mystic Braves, and Cosmonauts among others, have reportedly been accused of similar mistreatment, according to the label’s Wikipedia page. However, FIDLAR was never formally charged.

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Online users have reportedly accused the band of physically abusing fans and other women, according to Twitter user @kiramartinsucks, even though there isn’t much information on the band now available. She emphasized that despite the fact that many bands have a rich history, FIDLAR occasionally receives criticism for absurd reasons such as deleting their Instagram account.

Similar to this, Reddit users were unable to find any support for the band’s detractors’ claims. A Reddit member looked online for an explanation for the cancellation of FIDLAR, but other users claimed that there was no actual reason for it and that Twitter users and internet users generally were being silly and creating statements without any evidence to back them up.

FIDLAR Band Members Bio

FIDLAR now consists of three individuals: Zac Carper, Brandon Schwartzel, and Max Kuehn.

Zac Carper is the band’s original lead vocalist, guitarist, and keyboardist. He is a founding member and co-founder of the organization. He was born in Hawaii to his mother and father, John Carper. His father is a well-known American designer and maker of surfboards.

Carper, who was only 14 years old when he became addicted to drugs, spent time in a rehab center in Mexico. Over the next years, Zac’s addiction led to more than five occasions when he entered and exited treatment. Consequences claims that he overdosed and died along with his girlfriend and her unborn kid.

Brandon Schwartzel, the band’s bassist, and Zac were friends before Zac joined. Due to their similar experiences with substance abuse and homelessness, the two became close. The San Diego native also performs as a DJ under the alias DJ Basil. He is a member of the band Los Bolos and plays bass for FIDLAR.

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Drummer for the group Max Kuehn has been playing since he was ten years old. Brother of Greg Kuehn’s son and founding member Elvis Kuehn. Their father Greg performs on the keyboards for T.S.O.L. The musician is descended from a long history of musicians in Los Angeles.

Elvis Kuehn was a founding member of the band but eventually left to pursue other interests. He had previously belonged to the organization. Elvis is Max’s older brother. He sung lead vocals and played lead guitar for the duration of his time with the group.

Formed Year2009
Formed AtLos Angeles, California
VocalistZac Carper
BasistBrandon Schwartzel
DrummerMax Kuehn

FIDLAR’s Tour and Net Worth

The YouTube channel of the American band FIDLAR is worth $39,000 according to Stats Mash, despite the fact that they don’t disclose their net worth online.

The band’s total net worth is unclear to the general public, however frontman Zac Carper is reported to have a net worth of $1.5 million by All Famous Birthdays.

So date, FIDLAR has released three full-length studio albums: FIDLAR, Too, and Almost Free. Their most recent album, Almost Free, was on sale on January 25, 2019. With the release of their most recent single, Sand on the Beach, they have returned after a three-year hiatus.

The band provided their devoted fans with an update on their merchandise and tour plans. By the end of the month, FIDLAR will start touring, and on October 28, 2022, they’ll make their stage debut in Boston, Massachusetts’ Paradise Rock Club. The calendar for the next year 2022 is completely booked.

Oct. 29 in New York City, Oct. 30 in Washington, D.C., Feb. 17 in Santa Cruz, Feb. 18 in Sacramento, Feb. 21 in San Luis Obispo, Feb. 22 in San Diego, Feb. 24 in Ventura, and Feb. 25 in Santa Ana.

They have also announced their clothing, which includes hoodies, sweatshirts, caps, and t-shirts. It is all available on their official website.

Years Active2009 to present

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