Fatima Whitbread’s real parents were Margaret Whitbread and John Whitebread, who adopted her. The Whitbread family’s daughter works in the sports sector as a former British javelin thrower. 

In the preliminary round of the 1986 European Athletics Championships in Stuttgart, she competed for England, won first place, and set a world record with a throw of 77.44 meters.

Fatima also became the first British athlete to break the world record in javelin throwing. Whitebread won the 1987 World Championships as well.

She has also won two Olympic medals, a silver from the 1988 Summer Games and a bronze from the 1984 Summer Olympics.

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To learn about her Husband, Parents, Career Earnings, And Net Worth Details, continue reading the article.

Who Is Fatima Whitbread Husband?

Ryan Norman was the only child of Fatima Whitbread and Andrew Norman after their 1997 wedding. For allegedly threatening and defaming prominent sports journalist Cliff Temple, Norman was sacked from his position as a British athlete in 1990.

When the recorded call was found, Temple’s suicide case was being looked into, and it seemed that Norman had prompted Temple to consider suicide.

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The West Sussex pair divorced in 2006 after getting married in Copthorne in 1997. After then, Whitbread’s ex-husband passed away in 2007 due to a heart attack. She raised her son Ryan alone after Norman passed away.

Ryan’s father allegedly cheated on Whitbread by dating another lady, which led to the divorce of Ryan’s parents, according to the website The Famous People. She discovered her husband’s adultery and filed for divorce, then split.

Details On Fatima Whitbread Parents

Fatima Whitbread was raised in a family of athletes after being adopted by parents Margaret and John Whitbread. The athlete’s mother had competed for England as a former female athlete.

After adopting Fatima in 1975, she taught her how to throw the javelin. Margaret noticed her potential after having her as a student and provided her with the support, affection, and warmth she greatly needed.

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Whitbread’s birth parents, on the other hand, abandoned her when she was a little child and left her to die; fortunately, her neighbours intervened and saved her, giving her to a children’s home care.

Her biological mother cruelly mistreated her as a youngster and interfered in her life on a regular basis.

After graduating from Dilkes Country Primary School, Fatima attended Culverhouse Secondary School. Soon after being adopted by the Whitbread family, she enrolled at Torell’s School in Grays.

Net Worth: How Much Does Fatima Whitebread Earn?

Fatima Whitbread, a former javelin thrower for England, is estimated to be valued between $15 million and $20 million.

She was quite active in sports and racked up a lot of medals. She most certainly received monetary compensation for her awards as well.

She has triumphed in competitions such as the Olympics, World Championships, Commonwealth Games, and European Championships.

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She added to her wealth by participating in sports in England and obtaining financial awards. Athletes should be paid $50,000 to $100,000 a year on average.

In addition, she must have promoted numerous brands of things when she competed in javelin throwing, including athletic wear. Through brand advertising, the players are paid a sizable sum, which raises her financial worth as well.

After retiring, she participated in television reality shows, and she currently appears on SAS: Who Dares To Win. She is benefiting financially from this event as well. The former English athlete is well-off and enjoying a luxurious lifestyle thanks to his millions of cash.

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