Faruq Tauheed’s Wife: Leslie Miller Bio, Wikipedia, Family And Married Life Explored

Leslie Miller, the wife of Faruq Tauheed, is a Key and Peele-famous actor and award-winning VO artist. The parents of the son are Faruq and Leslie.

Miller and Tauheed work in the entertainment sector. For her part in Key and Peele, Miller is well-known. She has also made many years of contributions to video games.

When her incredibly supportive spouse was right there by her side, she won an excellent voice-over contest for a video game character.

Tauheed started his career in 1998 as a radio, television, and cinema celebrity. The duo has worked in the movie business for ten years.

Faruq Tauheed's Wife: Leslie Miller Bio, Wikipedia, Family And Married Life Explored
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Who Is Faruq Tauheed’s Wife?

Leslie Miller, the wife of Faruq Tauheed, is an actress best known for her role in New Girl. In 2005, Leslie began working in the film industry.

Miller is a well-known voice actress who has portrayed Captain Brunson, Lou, and Tia Dalma. Even her roles in Key and Peele, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and New Girl is well-known.

In 2005, the actress made her debut in the film industry as Brenda Hunter on the television program Guilty or Innocent. After that, she appeared as Serena Parker and Jhonny as Glenda Roberts in the 2007 television series Diagnosis X.

Fans complimented Miller for portraying Tia in the TV show New Girl in 2017. She described Denise in Key and Peele two years later. Major Crimes, Shameless, Stitchers, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, and other shows featured Miller in small roles.

Leslie appeared in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Pure Genius, Notorious as an Inmate, BH Ambassador, and other roles.

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In 2017, she provided the voice of Captain Brunson for Star Wars: Rebels. She portrayed Danisha Sterling in the renowned television program Grey’s Anatomy.

Tia Dalma in Sea of Thieves, The Local Pedestrian Population in the 2018 video game, and World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth all featured Miller’s voice.

The actress most recently appeared in Saints Row, Good Trouble, Mind Thief, Horizon Forbidden West, and The L Word: Generation Q. Peace and Kanas St. are her forthcoming performances.

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Leslie Miller Bio, Wikipedia, Family And Married Life Explored

Miller and Tauheed exchanged vows on November 2, 2013. For nine years, the pair has been married.

After several years of dating and seven years after the birth of their son, the couple decided to be married. Even the actress admitted that eight years ago, it was the best choice she had ever made.

Together, the couple spends their time away. They had visited Pisa, Italy; Burano Island; and Venice, Italy. In 2020, the couple spent a holiday in Rome and went to the Pantheon, the Colosseum, Rome, Italy, the Vatican City, and other places.

In January, they moved into their new home. Additionally, the couple hosted their first Thanksgiving at their new home for their family and friends in 2022.

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Miller felt fortunate to have a husband who would give her the long-awaited vacation to Paris as a surprise. The sole child of Tauheed and Leslie is named Sylas. He is 16 years old and was born on December 3, 2006.

Miller claimed that her child switched from being the shortest to the tallest. He is faster and comes around his shoulder, the host himself stated.

This December, Miller lavished her adorable son with toys. He brings me such great delight, the actress remarked. She considered having a spouse and a son to be double blessings. She is eager to see what God has in store for children in the future, though.

The family danced to Michael Jackson’s “Beginning of Somethin’,” symbolizing the couple’s and their son’s good relationship. Like his father, Sylas appeared to admire the Philadelphia Eagles.

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