Faamanu Levi Biography, Obituary, Death Cause, Trial Update And Prison Sentence
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Manase Fainu, a promising NRL player, was arrested after being found guilty of stabbing Faamanu Levi during a tense church dance. Find out more about the incident in this post.

On October 25, 2019, Manase was cleared of stabbing Faamanu Levi in the back with a steak knife at Wattle Grove. But after several hours of deliberation, the jury found him guilty of inflicting bodily harm, and he now faces up to 25 years in prison.

In contrast, Fainu is accused of using a knife to viciously stab Mr. Levi above his right eye and attack him in the back near the shoulder blade. According to reports, he committed this act with the assistance of four pals and several more men.

 Faamanu Levi Obituary And Bio Details

Rising NRL star viciously assassinated youth church leader Faamanu Levi during a church altercation.

According to Ms. Curran’s report, Fainu leaped over a fence on the church property and attacked Levi from behind. He initially denied committing that heinous act, but he was convicted of murder.

A deadly fight outside a Mormon church dance claimed the life of an innocent church leader. Two men were led to the front gate by Levi and his best friend Charlie Toilalo, who also asked them to relax.

Around 11:30 p.m., according to Levi, he moved his car with Toilalo and noticed that other males were “kicking and punching” Charlie and Kupi Toilalo. He had gone through some frightening times. He felt someone stab him in the back, but he failed to see the assailant.

Caamano had tests at Liverpool Hospital, and three stitches were placed above his brow. He later passed away from internal hemorrhage and a collapsed lung.

Manase Fainu Killed Faamanu Levi Reasons

Following a Mormon church dance, Manase Fainu, a 24-year-old rising star in the NRL, got into a fight and killed Youth Church Leader Faamanu Levi.

Tony Quach, one of the witnesses, claimed that Fainu stabbed Levi in the shoulder while his arm was flailing at the time. Fainu, however, asserted that it was a case of mistaken identity and denied striking him.

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He continued by saying that when he heard someone yell “knife, knife,” he was 10 meters away from the crime site. But Quach testified in court that he recognized Manase when he stabbed his friend Mr. Levi.

Fainu was seen with a knife in his other hand and sporting a hostile expression. Additionally, video evidence during the trial showed that Fainu had jumped the barrier from a Coles parking lot back into the church.

Since Manase had no prior history of violence or criminal activity, the motive for this instance has not yet been made clear.

Manase Fainu Trial Update & Prison Sentence Details

In connection with the stabbing of church leader Faamanu Levi during a violent and bloody Mormon church battle, male hooker Manase Fainu might spend years in prison.

According to the court notification, the NRL player for Manly Sea Eagles will remain on bail throughout the weekend. However, due to the jail officers’ industrial strike on Friday, his bail application will be delayed until Monday.

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Manase’s attorney, Margaret Cunneen SC, opposes the motion and claims that he has not broken any bail conditions for the past three years.

The judge ordered Fainu to live with his parents while being under the watchful eye of the police, and he was also called to report to the police every day.

In the 2018 and 2019 NRL seasons, Manase appeared in 34 games.

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