So, F1NN5TER, tell me: why do you play dress up as a woman? F1NN5TER became famous after posting a Minecraft video of himself playing as a female character on YouTube.

The Minecraft server F1NN5TER plays on in his viral videos is only one of several, including Skyblock, Prison Servers, and Hypixe. He also appears in YouTube videos with the challenger Skeppy.

Many people tuned in to his channel because of his e-girl material. He now maintains two YouTube channels, both of which feature his ongoing e-girl creations.

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Why Does F1NN5TER Dress Like A Girl?

As Nikki Nicole, F1NN5TER presents herself to the world as a female. A lot of the time, he dresses and makes himself up like a girl.

To create his e-girl material and harass people on the internet, Jude, better known by his online handle, F1NN5TER, went to great lengths to dress and act like a woman.

While disguised as a female, the YouTuber passes for the real thing. Given this, it is difficult to tell if he is a boy or a female just by looking at him.

In 2019, due to a disciplinary measure taken by a buddy, he began dressing as a female. As punishment for losing a wager he had made with his pals, they painted on some fake tan and a fresh coat of paint.

His female companions were convinced by his make-up and wardrobe that he was a female. On his YouTube account, he posted a video titled “So I Pretended to be a GIRL on OMEGLE!,” in which he acted out the role of a female user chatting with random people.

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The revelation that he was a guy was a complete surprise to most. Until he spoke up, he was treated like a woman in the video.

Everyone could tell he was a boy as soon as he started talking. He was also asked if he was a lady, but he insisted he was a male.

After losing another wager with his pal in May 2020, he was once again spotted streaming on Twitch while being costumed as an e-girl. After his e-girl stream gained traction and viewers, he kept up the disguise even after settling the wager.

Know More About F1NN5TER

YouTube gamer F1NN5TER hails from the United Kingdom. Previously, he had been featured on other people’s YouTube channels before launching his own.

On another channel called MilescGaming, he was spotted. The Finn, his YouTube channel, premiered on March 21, 2014.

The majority of his early YouTube uploads focused on Minecraft tutorials. Currently, he has around 389 thousand people following his channel.

He uploads response videos of people he met while posing as a woman on Omegle to his Finn channel. Given that he hasn’t posted any new content to this channel in over two years, he isn’t interested in maintaining it.

You may find Jude uploading to F1nn5terLIVE, his second channel. On May 17, 2020, he debuted his second YouTube account. So far, there have been 56,346,995 views on the channel.

Once a week, you can expect a new video from him on his channel. Videos of him in e-girl garb have been the bulk of his channel’s output.

He is also quite present on other social media sites like Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube. About 658,300 people follow him on Twitter under the handle @F1NN5TER.

He’s been sharing photos of himself cross-dressing on Twitter. While his preference for dressing as a woman led many to believe he was not a male, on December 5, 2022, he tweeted a report confirming that he is, in fact, a man.

On January 1, he posted two photos of himself and another person who appeared to be dressed as a woman. He’s been passing for a female for three years now.

On Twitch, he goes by F1NN5TER and now has over 582k subscribers. Streaming on Twitch is something he frequently does.

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