Alison Neubauer, the Timecast Media Chief Operating Officer, and Tim Pool are dating. The American YouTuber Tim Pool is.

When Tim Pool shared a photo of Allison on his Instagram account, word spread on Reddit that he was dating Allison.

Both of them, Tim and Alison, work in the field of journalism and are involved with the media.

Everything About Tim Pool Girlfriend Alison Neubauer And Their Relationship
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Who Is Tim Pool Girlfriend, Alison Neubauer?: Details On Their Relationship

Tim Pool, an American YouTuber, is presently dating Alison Neubauer.

When Tim shared a photo of Alison holding a monkey on his Instagram, the rumours about their relationship began. Although neither has officially declared their relationship, they may do so in the coming days.

Like Tim Pool, his rumoured girlfriend Alison Neubauer is a well-known media personality and producer. At the moment, Alison Neubauer, a native of Maryland in the United States, serves as Timecast Media’s chief operating officer.

In addition, Alison Neubauer has ties to the television industry. She has worked as a television series producer. She has created a total of 8 TV series to date.

Some include The Tim cast Channel, The Tim cast Pool Channel, Cast Castle, The Chicken City, Green Room, and so on.

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Tim Poll dated several women before beginning his relationship with Alison Neubauer. Tim Pool once dated Violet Summers before Alison. She was an actress and a model.

Tim confessed to having a crush on Violet Summers around a year ago, but there were rumours that the two later broke up.

Despite being a well-known media figure, Tim Pool has never talked publicly about his romantic relationships. His dating history is either vague or nonexistent.

He occasionally mentions Alison Neubauer in his modern Instagram posts, but it’s unclear whether they’re dating.

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Who Is Tim Pool?

Tim Pool is a political analyst, American journalist, podcaster, and YouTuber. On March 9, 1986, Timothy Daniel Pool was born in Chicago, Illinois. He was from a Catholic middle-class background.

He was enrolled in a Catholic school after his parents divorced and completed his education there through the fifth grade. He switched to a public school in the sixth grade but left at 14.

Tim began working as a baggage handler at a retailer after quitting school. Tim was a live-chat streamer before becoming a great journalist, and that is how he gained popularity on YouTube.

On September 20, 2011, we departed for New York to join the Occupy Wall Street protestors after viewing one of the popular Occupy Wall Street films.

There, he began live broadcasting, and the footage quickly became viral on many platforms. After meeting Henry Ferry, he founded The Other 99.

However, Tim and Henry’s disagreements led to the company’s dissolution in 2012. Tim Pool joined Vice Media in 2013 and started making and hosting different kinds of content right away.

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Additionally, he broadcast live the massive demonstrations in Ukraine that resulted in the overthrow of the Yanukovych government. He received the “Best Journalist in Social Media” honour in 2013.

Tim Pool joined Fusion TV in 2014 as Senior Correspondent and Media Director. He co-founded the smartphone app that adds watermarks to images after his contract with Fusion TV expired.

He co-founded Subverse, a new business that, in just 24 hours, saw its value increase to $1 million.

Today, Tim Pool is renowned as the highest-paid journalist and the owner of the Name Tim Pool, Tim Cast, and Tim Cast IRL Youtube accounts.

He established SCNR, an independent media outlet, and assembled 545K subscribers. Additionally, Tim runs the news website, which aids in his rise to fame.

Tim is a rising writer and YouTuber with $4 million estimated net worth as of 2022. He also makes money from various partnerships and brand sponsorships.

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