Everything About Sophie Guidolin Husband Andrew Firgaira

Sophie Guidolin’s dentist husband, Andrew Firgaira, runs Oasis Dental Studio. On November 11, Sophie and Andrew tied the knot in Byron Bay Hinterland.

In December 2022, Dr Andrew Firgaira graduated from the University of Adelaide with a degree in dental surgery.

In addition, Sophie is recognized for her work as an NLP practitioner, certified trainer, and wellness spokesman.

In 2022, she competed in a fitness competition and came in first place globally. She was inspired to launch her women’s training program. Her program aims to help women transform their life, get the bodies of their dreams, and boost their confidence.

She offers a fitness program called BODBabes that assists thousands of women worldwide in achieving their ideal body composition. She also wrote a cookbook with recipes for quick, simple, and wholesome meals.

She has a passion for empowering and inspiring other women. In 2020, she founded her business, Flourish and Fulfilled. The brand’s mission is to support women in creating the life they truly deserve and want.

Sophie Guidolin
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Sophie Guidolin Is The Wife Of Andrew Frigaira

Andrew Frigaira, Sophie Guidolin’s spouse, specializes in orthodontics. He has participated in the most challenging dental surgical technique, emphasizing dental implants.

He is the proprietor of Oasis Dental Studio, which offers cutting-edge dental operations.

Frigaira majored in dental surgery and has since taken part in training and development programs, according to his website.

He has brought cutting-edge therapies, including orthodontics, implant dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry.

He’s always wanted to start his own business and help others. Pursuing dentistry was a better choice because he could serve people and manage his dental practice.

He also mentioned that he would be majoring in business if he weren’t a dentist. He is content since he can help individuals achieve their smile goals and alter their lives.

Andrew And Sophie’s Dating

When asked about their friendship before realizing he was her perfect partner, honeynine revealed during the interview.

The coach with whom she was working gave her the task of listing the characteristics she desired in her ideal man.

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A few days following her session, she visited Andrew and gave her list some thought. As she did so, she discovered Andrew was the only man on her list who fit the bill.

Her friend often professes his love for her before she realizes it, but she never takes him seriously.

She decided to date him, but she was initially sceptical. Nevertheless, she gave him a chance.

Sophie had hired a photographer for the bright Santorini trip and needed to know Andrew’s strategy.

He exhibited nervousness when Sophie told him she had hired a professional photographer, and she responded that she wouldn’t bring a photographer if he felt uneasy.

His anxiousness caused Sophie to become very perplexed when suddenly he got down on one knee and proposed to her. She calls it magical and one of the highlights of her entire life.

She added that although they immediately desired marriage, they opted to involve their children instead.

The pair travelled to Italy and enjoyed their vacation as an engaged couple after spending a few days in Greece.

Sophie And Andrew’s Married Life And Relationship

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On November 11, 2022, Sophie and Andrew were wed at Byron Bay.

It takes time to reserve a trendy location for the ceremony. However, they did receive one cancellation on that day, 11/11, and the couple was able to wed there.

They have lovely decorations, such as enormous flower arches that gaze out over the Byron Bay Hinterland.

Paella and sangria were plentiful in the Spanish-inspired cuisine as a nod to his Spanish heritage. Sophie said she thought the day passed so quickly and wanted to go back and experience it all over again.

The couple’s offspring were also present. She walked down the aisle in a stunning gown created by Megan from Marquise Bridal, and they jointly penned their vows.

She added that before meeting Andrew, she never imagined getting married again. On her website, she also chronicles her wedding journey.

The pair just confirmed via Instagram that they expect a child, born in the middle of 2023.

Sophie’s Children

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Sophie and her ex-husband Nathan had four kids together. They have two girls and two sons.

The oldest child, Kai, is currently 14 years old. Ryder is the name of her second kid, who is now 13 years old.

Evie and Aria, her other identical daughters, are twins and are currently seven years old. She does not post many images of her son as an adult.

She frequently posts images of her daughters, who also have Instagram accounts. They currently have 47k followers on Instagram, managed by Sophie and her ex-husband Nathan.

The girls compete in Jiu Jitsu and are highly athletic, and Evie wins the match.

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