Sidemen Sasha Appleton, Harry’s British girlfriend, is well-known online. As of the year 2020, Harry and Sasha have been a couple.

The YouTuber known as W2S joined the Sidemen in 2014 and later became a founding member of the Ultimate Sidemen.

Harry began trying new approaches and sharing his findings across many YouTube channels. Over time, he established his primary account, which can be found at @w2s.

When the internet sensation hit 10 million subscribers in 2017, YouTube honored him with a “Jewel Play Button.” Compared to his friend KSI, Harry has the second-highest number of Sideman admirers.

Over 16.3 million people have subscribed to his channel, which he runs under the pseudonym @w2s on YouTube. He is well-known for his FIFA gaming videos, live commentary feeds, and webcasts.

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Is Sidemen Harry And Sasha Appleton In A Relationship?

Sasha Appleton, the girlfriend of British online celebrity Sidemen Harry, is also well-known. Popular YouTuber and TikTok star Sasha Appleton are known for her videos.

The Instagram account of the online celebrity is quite popular. She has approximately 22,000 Instagram followers and has posted over 140 times.

Since Sasha began dating Harry, she has become more well-known. Sasha and Harry’s connection has been the subject of speculation for at least two years. However, it is unclear when the rumors first started.

Sasha often posted photos to Instagram in Harry’s clothes, taken at his house. Though the YouTuber said they had met before, they had not disclosed the exact date.

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There aren’t a lot of images of the two of them online. In 2021, they were photographed together for the first time at an F1 video game tournament.

Although Harry has committed to Sasha, she is not the only woman he has dated. From 2014 to 2020, he was deeply involved with Katie Leach for four years.

She used to be a regular in Harry’s uploads to the video-sharing website. Katie’s absence from his videos after their breakup became public knowledge.

How Is Harry’s Relationship With His Fellow Members?

As one of the seven British YouTube group Sidemen members, Harry has gained some notoriety. On October 19th, 2013, the inception of this organization was announced.

In a group of SDMs, or “sidemen,” each player has separate channels. Some of the most popular YouTubers are included; they have enough talent between them to make a fantastic boy band if they want to do so.

The collective members are Josh Bradley, Simon Minter, Tobi Brown, KSI, Ethan Payne, Vikram Barn, and Harry Lewis.

The young men’s YouTube channel has progressed from its humble beginnings posting gameplay videos. Five million people are subscribed to their response channel, and 1.8 million are subscribed to their shorts channel.

Additionally, they have over 17.5 million subscribers on their primary channel, Sidemen, and over five million members on their MoreSidemen track, where they are still active.

Harry comes out as outgoing and confident in the videos, but in reality, he is far more cautious. This side of his character is often on show in films filmed in public or front of a wider audience.

The YouTuber also admitted in a video that he has difficulty striking up conversations with his fans, especially those who have met him in person. He would rather have his audience start a conversation with him.

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