Catherine Bohart and Sarah Keyworth from House of Games called it quits. Both women are well-known comedians.

Sarah, who co-starred with Kevin Eldon in Richard Osman’s House of Games, dated someone up until 2020.

Before breaking up in 2020, she and fellow comedian Catherine had been together for five years.

Everything About Sarah Keyworth Partner Catherine Bohart
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Who Is Sarah Keyworth’s Partner Catherine Bohart?

Sarah Keyworth and her partner Catherine Bohart once had a relationship; however, they have since broken up. Both of them are comedians.

Catherine is a stand-up comedian from Ireland who also writes, acts, and performs in London. She was raised in Clonsilla, Fingal, as the daughter of a deacon who practised Catholicism.

Before enrolling in the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, she completed her studies in French and History at Trinity College.

She graduated with an MA in Screen Acting from there. She transitioned into a stand-up comedian after having a difficult time as an actress.

Her comedic career quickly took off, and she was nominated for the Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year award in 2018 and the 2016 BBC New Comedy Award.

Additionally, she wrote for The News Quiz, The Now Show, and Frankie Boyle’s New World Order while accompanying Ellie Taylor and Nish Kumar on tour.

However, her performance of Immaculate at the 2018 Edinburgh Festival marked her professional stage debut. As a result of its enormous popularity, she took the performance on a national tour and to London.

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The fact that Bohart has the obsessive-compulsive disorder is a well-known truth about her.

She seems chatty both off-stage and on-stage and can even make fun of her obsessions, but there was a period when she was unable to leave her house due to it. She had received therapy at St. Patrick’s University Hospital for four months.

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Sarah And Catherine’s Relationship Details

In 2015, Sarah and Catherine began living together in London’s Kilburn neighbourhood. However, because they shared a profession, there was some envy initially in their relationship.

In an interview with Standard Co, Catherine once talked about feeling envious of someone else due to their same occupation. They performed simultaneously at the exact Edinburgh location; it was just a coincidence.

But as time went on, she said that their competition was nearly entirely over and that she would be pleased if Sarah found another job because it would indicate that they were almost ready to purchase a new vehicle.

There would be a lot of laughing and joy in their relationship since they both work as comedians and live together. Sarah told Guardian about her craziest dinner throughout their conversation.

She claimed that once when Catherine attempted to make an inept onion soup, she politely accepted it and ate it without complaining—until Catherine tested it and declared it rotten.

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Although they each had a large following, the couple was equally well-known for their comedic work. But the epidemic was what brought it all to an end.

Catherine’s five-year relationship ended, and she had to stay home alone while also managing her OCD. It was an exciting lockdown.

While dealing with the heartache of being abandoned as a 33-year-old adult was challenging, Catherine found humour in the experience. In her comedy presentation, “This Isn’t For You,” she offered a funny explanation of her split.

She discussed how both breakup and confinement made her OCD worse. She also discussed how getting rejected soon after she and her ex-partner began a podcast about love and relationships called You’ll Do added insult to injury.

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