Relationship status: Desiree Stuijt is the girlfriend of Olivier Richters. Olivier founded Muscle Meat.

The Dutch bodybuilder, an actor and a model served as the cover star for Men’s Health’s November 2018 Netherlands issue and was the subject of a magazine documentary.

He is widely renowned for his frightening 218 cm height and physique. In an interview with Good Morning Britain in April 2019, when questioned about acting roles, he cited Richard Kiel as an inspiration.

Kiel was an actor of a comparable height who had portrayed the evil Jaws in two James Bond films.

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Who Is Desiree Stuijt?

Long-term partner Desiree Stuijt is the attractive woman Olivier Richters is presently seeing. The pair has been together since 2014, setting significant relationship objectives for everyone.

Currently, they are pleased and peacefully cohabitating. They are well-liked by the audience. More over seven years had passed since the two started dating. They are not eager to be hitched any time soon.

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A native of Hoogwoud, Desiree Stuijt studied management and international business at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

She had a temporary (part-time) job as a finance employee at the Lidl store while she was a student and a regular (part-time) job as a quality manager at Muscle Meat as of May 2020.

Muscle Meat is the name of another company owned by her friend Olivier Richters and his brother Rein. They advertise high-end meat products online.

She has 80 followers under the username @desireestuijt on Instagram. Although she isn’t very active on the platform, the famous boyfriend’s girlfriend is always spotted showing her affection on social media.

She writes, “Building some tan,” in one of her posts. The photo shows them both relaxing in the pool.

All About Olivier Richters

Olivier Richters is the most significant thing in Hollywood. Richters is 7 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 330 pounds, so even if he’s working on it, it’s not through name recognition.

To put that into perspective, he is 5 inches taller than Thor Bjornsson, who is so big that many people felt he would be the perfect fit for the part of “The Mountain.”

The Guinness Book of World Records ranks Richters, commonly known as the “Dutch Giant,” as the tallest bodybuilder in the world due to his massive size.

Even though he is still building his body and his acting career, Hollywood filmmakers have been able to cast him in roles that were previously difficult to shoot because of his stature.

In “Black” Widow, he portrayed Ursa, a Marvel mutant noted for her capacity to change into a brown bear. In the forthcoming Borderlands film starring Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart, and Jamie Lee Curtis, Richters plays Krom, one of the game’s larger-than-life enemies.

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