The “Field of Dreams” cast starring Freddie Flintoff has returned to Preston. Three of last season’s players, Sean, Adnan, and Ben, will return for more.

The host of “Australian Ninja Warrior” has returned to his native country to compete in the ninja obstacle course. Young guys from Preston are needed for his cricket squad.

In Season 1, we learn that the show’s protagonist will partner up again with an old friend on their squad back in the day.

Youth in his home town will benefit from his guidance as he encourages them to pursue athletics as a profession.

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Freddie Flintoff Field Of Dreams

Freddie Flintoff’s Field of Dreams has returned to Preston for a second season. Some young people, all under the age of 20, were featured on Flintoff’s program.

The former cricketer mentors a group of young men and inspires them to follow in his footsteps by pursuing professional careers in their chosen fields.


Ben used to be a professional boxer and now plays cricket for a college team. The younger athlete explained how he got to where he is now by recounting his formative years near Preston Bus Station.

Since he was no longer allowed to reside with his mother following his parent’s divorce, he had to move about quite a bit.

When he was 15, he spent six months living on the streets. He couch-surfed from his friend’s place. Nonetheless, he had been a resident of the shared house for two months before the anchor visited him.

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In addition to missing practice, the young cricketer had trouble keeping his school and job schedules in order. Although he had some anxiety during this period, he triumphed over it.

The 18-year-old revealed that he joined the Flintoff squad to broaden his social horizons. He hoped that he would begin his life anew by interacting with new people.

Adnan Miekhal

Adnan was born in Afghanistan and emigrated to the United Kingdom with difficulty. Once the refugee was safely housed in the United Kingdom in August 2022, the presenter felt a sense of relief.

Throughout two episodes, the Afghan national made her television debut. He wowed his host and his ex-Lancashire comrade with his innate talent.

The teenager’s foster parents told him about his incredible trip from Afghanistan to Britain. His journey took him by foot, truck, boat, and automobile.

Aboard the empty van, he made his way to Preston from Calais. When he finally got there, he turned himself into the authorities.

The show covered the adolescent’s asylum hearing, and it was unclear if he would be allowed to remain in the nation. However, after waiting a month, the radio host tweeted the excellent news.

He promised the BBC he would give his all to his athletic career. The 16-year-old admitted that, before he arrived in the UK, he had never heard of the England all-rounder.

Since England’s Man of the Series inspired him to participate in the show, he hailed them as a legend. The teen said that he was given many beautiful chances in life.

The veteran athlete had been an inspiration to the young lad and a source of training that helped him become a better athlete. So Adnan set out to better his cricketing abilities.

And he promised to put forth the effort necessary to realize his dream. He would be pleased with his actions if they even approached the quality of Flintoff’s creations. He expressed gratitude to his Preston community, notably his foster family, Elaine and Barry.


Sean, a native of Wales Broughton, didn’t start playing cricket until he met Flinton. The adolescent claims that he was expelled from Corpus, Our Ladies, and Larches due to his poor behaviour.

He has a history of physical confrontations and throwing objects at people. It gave his dad much-needed satisfaction to see him go and make positive changes. Still, he had trouble focusing on his exercises.

When the coach went to visit the youngster at his job as a plumber at the alternative provision school, he was trying to find a way to get him involved with the team. As he shows Flintoff how to do it, he also proves to be an expert plumber.

Second Season Of Freddie Flintoff Field Of Dreams

Season 2 of “Field of Dreams” features the return of former cricket star Freddie Flintoff. In the first season, he forged the trio of Sean, Adnan, and Ben.

As a result of his efforts, an odd team consisting of a 15-year-old child, a safe house, and others were formed.

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The presenter believes that one’s origins are of little consequence in athletics, provided one has the self-assurance to pursue a career in the field.

The coach raved about his time with the young men. Since he had left off in the previous season, he returned for this one, ready to put in more effort.

The Host Of Second Season

The second season of Freddie Flintoff’s Field of Dreams will air on BBC for four episodes. Along with the youngsters from his neighbourhood, he formed a cricket team.

He played on the international cricket stage and achieved great success in all facets of the game. The sportsman has been affiliated with Lancashire, Chennai Super Kings, and Brisbane Heat.

After he retired, he dabbled in fields as disparate as the fashion industry and television. Australian “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” declared the athlete, the victor.

The host’s life has been the subject of several documentaries. He was the host of the documentary Freddie Flintoff: Living With Bulimia.

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