Everything About Carlos Correa’s Parents

Sandybel Oppenheimer and Carlos Correa Sr. are Carlos Correa’s parents. Leibysand Correa and Jean Carlos Correa are Correa’s siblings.

2015 saw Correa’s MLB debut with the Houston Astros. The same year, he was named American League Rookie of the Year.

Similar to how his career changed dramatically in 2017, he won the American League Player of the Month Award in May after being allowed to play in the World Baseball Classic.

His other accomplishments include receiving a Gold Glove and Platinum Award in 2021.

Everything About Carlos Correa's Parents
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Who Are Carlos Correa’s Parents?

Parents Carlos Sr. and Sandybel Oppenheimer welcomed Carlos Correa into the world on September 22, 1994, in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Carlos spent his entire youth in a modest home owned by his family in the Barrio Velazquez fishing community in Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico.

Carlos Sr. signed him up for a youth league when he was just five years old at the suggestion of a neighbor, and from an early age, trained him to become a professional baseball player.

Carlos Correa Father Carlos Senior

During their leisure time, Correa Senior used to train him every day. Even after Hurricane Georges severely damaged the family’s home in 1998, he was determined to teach his child. He continued to train his youngster every day.

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Carlos believes his father to be a blessing to him and his child and has shared multiple images of him on his official Instagram account.

Carlos Correa Mother Sandybel Oppenheimer

The devoted mother of Major League Basketball standout Correa is Sandbybel Oppenheimer.

The distance between Santa Isabel and the municipality of Rio Grande prevented Correa from having a chance when he was asked to play in the champion series in Atlanta.

Although she was a working housewife, the brave lady started selling food to get additional money when the cost of her son’s trip fees went over the limit.

She is a devoted component to Correa’s success. He thus always remembers to thank his mother on his social media.

Especially around Mother’s Day, he regularly posts photos of himself with his mother. He expressed his gratitude for her assistance and for being a wonderful mother.

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Carlos Correa Family Details

Carlos Correa, a baseball player, has two siblings. Leibysand Correa is his sister, and Jean Correa is his brother. His sister is a passionate baseball enthusiast, while his younger brother plays baseball and is an athlete like Carlos.

Carlos Correa comes from a devoted and helpful family. He and his wife, Daniella Correa Rodriguez, are a happy couple.

Carlos and Daniella have been happily married for three years after exchanging vows on December 8, 2019. Carlos thanked everyone who had attended his special night in an Instagram post that included a lovely photo of the couple from their wedding night.

On their official Instagram pages, Carlos and Daniella never cease expressing affection for one another. They routinely travel to new locations, have holidays, and share each other’s successes.

Carlos Correa Children Details

A baby boy was born to Correa and his wife, Daniella Rodriguez, who are happy parents.

On November 29, 2021, their son Kylo Daniel Correa was born. Carlos celebrated his second wedding anniversary by posting a beautiful picture of himself with his wife and child.

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Additionally, Daniella and her husband are in several pregnant photos she has shared on Instagram. On the occasion of Kylo’s first birthday, she shared a lovely snapshot of him and expressed her pride in being his mother.

Soon, Carlos and Daniella will give birth to their second child. To share the news of their second pregnancy, they each shared images on their Instagram profiles.

The post’s caption read, “2 under 2! LET’S GO FOR IT. It indicates that young Kylo will soon have a brother.

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