Bunny Barbie’s husband, Harry Hedaya, is much older than her. 

Hedaya is a multi-businesses American entrepreneur. Bunny is a well-known businesswoman, model, and social media influencer. The social media influencer shares interesting content with her sizable social media audience.

She has more than 2 million followers on her TikTok account, where she talks about her family, lip syncs, dances, and gives beauty tips. She has more than 165K followers on Instagram, where she often shares family photos and lifestyle videos.

She has almost 40.000 subscribers on her own YouTube account even though she rarely uploads videos there. Barbie is the owner of the clothing company Bunzie. She acknowledges taking flying lessons, but even without a pilot’s license, she can land an airplane.

Bunny also has an interesting personal life because she is married to a businessman named Harry. In this article, the specifics of her husband Harry Hedaya will be discussed.

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To learn about Everything About Bunny Barbie’s Husband Harry Hedaya, continue reading the article.

Meet Bunny Barbie Husband Harry Hedaya

Bunny The first time viewers saw Harry Hedaya, Barbie’s husband, was in the teaser for the Legally Bunny TV show. The University of Tampa awarded Hedaya a bachelor of science in finance.

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He has more than 20 years of business experience, according to his LinkedIn page. In addition, Hedaya owns and manages a number of businesses in a number of different sectors, such as small business marketing and communication, staffing, and financial services.

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Exploring Harry Hedaya Career

He launched many firms in 1990, the year he received his degree. Harry controlled Remac for six years, according to his LinkedIn profile.

The Loan Corporation was then established by him, and he was its president. He was named president of Encompass Marketing in 2007 and has kept that post ever since, per his LinkedIn page.

What Is Bunny Barbie Husband Age?

According to Bunny Barbie’s Instagram, Harry is 56 years old as of right now. In 1967, Hedaya was conceived. Around the age of 19, Harry enrolled at the University of Tampa to pursue a BSc in Finance and General.

Many people had doubts about Hedaya’s age after viewing the Legally Bunny TV show preview because he appeared to be much younger than his true age.

Age Gap Between Harry Hedaya And Bunny Barbie

Harry is 23 years older than Bunny Barbie.

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Since she was 23 years old, the couple has been together, and in 2017, they brought Aiden into the world. The fashion model’s husband also has two stepchildren from a previous relationship.

It’s amazing that Bunny and Carrie, her ex-ex-wife, husband’s are friends and occasionally work together on social media posts.

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Details On Bunny Barbie Children

Aiden was born in 2017, and his parents are Bunny Barbie and her hubby. He and his father occasionally appear in Bunny’s social media posts.

She did, however, acknowledge that her family’s influence “comes and goes” in her work in an interview with Enspire Magazine in June 2022.

I’m very authentic with my stuff,” she underlined. As a result, my current topic of writing is what I’m truly focusing on. It appears to move in weeks-long waves. I periodically write a lot about being a mom, and I also write about my husband, my assistant, and other people.”

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