Basil Smikle and Marjorie Fields Harris exchanged vows in May 2021. 

Marjorie serves as a Leader Chief for the social liberty movement. The couple filed for divorce, ending their long and happy marriage.

When Basil and Marjorie first met in January 2000 for a meeting they couldn’t ignore for business, they clicked right away.

While she was a candidate for office, they got to know one another. Basil and Marjorie exchanged a few brief phone conversations both inside and outside of the conference.

They immediately sensed a connection between them as they spoke and got closer. Smikle’s buddy Terrance Tolbert stated, “The campaign and politics drew them together.”

Distinguished professor Basil oversees the public policy department at Hunter College run by the Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute.

He also teaches at Teachers College and Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. 

Basil routinely shares his opinions on politics, public policy, and election management on significant national television networks like CNN and MSNBC.

He earned his MPA and doctorate in politics and education from Columbia University. He received a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University.

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Who Is Basil Smikle Wife Marjorie Fields Harris?

Basil Smikle and Marjorie Fields Harris are both involved in politics. Marjorie is a courageous communication force multiplier. 

In addition to her part-time employment as a political strategist, she is highly known for her charitable work and efforts to help her neighborhood.

She is an accomplished editor and writer as well as a vocal advocate for social change. She focuses on managing campaigns and doing advocacy activities.

Marjorie works for Capitol Hill Politico and has experience staffing municipal administrations. She has written for and co-produced award-winning television programs.

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Marjorie is currently Seven Fields Communications’ CEO and President. She takes on executive responsibility for projects involving government relations, reputation management, and strategic and crisis communications.

She directed and carried out MoCaFi’s PR strategies in her capacity as director of public relations and government affairs. From March 2015 through July 2018, Marjorie served as the City of Newark’s press secretary in Newark, New Jersey.

From June 2012 to March 2015, she served as the executive director of Marjorie Fields Harris & Associates, a strategic communications firm with experience in brand marketing, campaign administration, public relations, and crisis communications.

She held the position of first vice chair of the Wake County Democratic Party from April 2013 until April 2014. From 2000 through 2010, Marjorie worked as the Principal for the political consultancy firm Fields-Harris Group.

The Columbus School of Law at Catholic University of America awarded Marjorie a JD. She earned a B.A. in journalism from Howard University. In 1994, she completed a course at Tulane University’s law school.

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Relationship Timeline Of Basil Smikle And Marjorie Fields Harris

Due to politics and campaigns, Basil Smikle and Marjorie Harris got married a year after they first met. The couple got engaged less than two months after going on their first date.

They debated getting married for a year and a half before deciding to do so on May 26, 2001. Marjorie has long been a supporter of Hillary Rodham Clinton and was a notable guest at their wedding.

Details On Basil and Marjorie First Meeting

Initially speaking, the two discussed Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s senatorial campaign. Basil, a member of the candidate’s advance team, attended the gathering, which was held in Mr. Sharpton’s office in Harlem.

Throughout the meeting, the two exchanged brief words, and Smikle observed that their smiles became wider as they spoke on the phone. He put off moving due to a business issue.

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I was in love, he acknowledged. Marjorie declined to ask about his marital status, which made her hesitate even more. After the incident, she anticipated receiving a call from Basil asking her out on a date.

She never heard from him again after that, but she thought he was acting quite professionally. A few weeks later, Harris was still at the window as Smikle awaited the Secret Service in a building lobby.

He hurried outside and saw her and exclaimed, “You understand that this is fate.” We need to meet as soon as possible.

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Basil and Marjorie: Their First Date

After their second encounter, they left for their first date. Basil made a starter of shrimp toast, salmon fillet, asparagus, and hollandaise sauce in his Harlem apartment.

In this wonderful moment, they danced, laughed, and listened to jazz. Basil proposed in March, less than two months later, and the two were engaged right thereafter.

Despite the fact that they were both politically engaged, they decided to avoid talking much about politics. They had fun and paid attention to their own problems.

Exploring Basil and Marjorie Wedding

Basil and Marjorie walked down the aisle after being engaged for a year and a half. They exchanged vows in the St. George Episcopal Church on Stuyvesant Square in Manhattan. The reception was held at the National Arts Club in Gramercy Park.

The evening featured a fusion of Jamaican and American food to emphasize the cooks’ different backgrounds. The vibrant Caribbean and African-American melodies infused even more vitality into their fantastic day.

Political figures like David Dinkins and Hilary Clinton were among the guests, so politics was surely a big topic at their wedding. The extravagant wedding ceremony was followed by a reception at the National Arts Club.

Honeymoon Trip Of Basil and Marjorie

Shortly after their Memorial Day wedding, the couple departed for their Caribbean holiday. Marjorie resolved not to cause any more trouble before departing on a wonderful honeymoon.

As she left, the bride stated with a smile, “I’ll leave my cell phone in Miami.” However, Marjorie and Basil eventually split up and went their own ways.

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