Everything About Cody And His New Girlfriend Noa Van Der Bij Relationship Timeline

Cody Gakpo, a professional football player from the Netherlands, is dating Noa Van Der Bij. In 2020, Cody and Noa began dating.

Gakpo told everyone about his relationship with her on December 26, 2020, by posting a picture of them together on his Instagram account.

Winger Cody Mathes Gakpo plays for PSV Eindhoven in the Eredivise and the Netherlands national team. Gakpo began improving as a player after enrolling in PSV Eindhoven’s youth academy.

Cody took home the honor of Dutch Player of the Year three years after making his club debut. Cody represented the Netherlands in youth international football from 18 to 21.

Everthing About Cody And His New Girlfriend Noa Van Der Bij Relationship Timeline
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Cody And His New Girlfriend Noa Van Der Bij Relationship Timeline

On December 26, 2020, Noa Van Der Bij and Cody Gakpo made their Instagram accounts public.

The PSV Eindhoven winger answered all of the queries and satisfied the interest of his followers by sharing a lovely photo of himself and his girlfriend, Noa.

On Christmas Day in 2020, the image was posted. While his girlfriend Noa looked stunning in her shimmering whitish-golden dress, Cody appeared attractive in a black-on-black-themed outfit.

The football player and his girlfriend, Noa, appear to have spent their first Christmas together. Gakpo and Noa are a cute couple because they have a deep connection.

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Noa Visits Cody During Games

Noa has consistently been Cody’s partner in support of his professional endeavors.

Despite his setbacks, Noa is the one who inspires him to keep going and pushes him to do so. He has always had Noa’s support.

Noa attends almost all of Cody’s matches to support him. Noa’s unwavering support has made Cody very grateful.

The couple was rediscovered at the start of September 2021 after Cody finished his weekend games.

Noa and Cody had to spend some time apart because of his busy match schedules. However, the couple manages to maintain an excellent and healthy relationship.

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Noa posted a photo of herself and Cody to her Instagram account on September 9, 2021. “Mood when we’re back together,” Noa captioned the photo.

The couple traveled to Paris, France, to ring in 2021 on New Year’s Eve, a year after they made their relationship official.

On December 28, 2021, Noa posted a picture of them with the caption, “In the city of Love.”

The picture’s beautiful background features the Eiffel Tower as the couple enjoyed a romantic New Year’s Eve celebration in Paris.

His girlfriend, Noa Van der Bij, the football player born in Eindhoven, rang in 2021. Two days prior, Noa had uploaded a picture of them admiring the Eiffel Tower.

Cody shared a photo of the couple ringing in the New Year in an opulent hotel on January 1, 2021. Cody posted on Instagram to wish everyone a happy and healthy new year.

During his international breaks, the member of the Netherlands national team is seen traveling back home to see his lover.

As soon as Cody has a break from playing matches, he meets up with Noa. So, they have a strong relationship and haven’t stopped being together since they made it official.

After Cody returned from his match on November 4, 2022, Noa posted a photo with the caption, “Home is where you are loved the most.”

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Noa Van Der Bij Is An Influencer

Noa has gained attention for being the girlfriend of a Dutch professional footballer, but she is also a Junior Booker and an influencer with more than 12,000 Instagram followers.

Noa Van Der Bij, born to her parents on July 1, 1999, will turn 23 in 2022. She was born and raised in the Netherlands initially.

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Noa got her degree from Avans University of Applied Sciences, which is the best university in the Netherlands for applied sciences.

She began working at the NH Collections Grand Hotel Krasnalolsky as a trainee in guest relations in 2018 and stayed there for only six months.

She worked as a trainee at Cachet Models following her termination. She was promoted to one of the company’s Junior Bookers a few months later. She has worked at Cachet Models in Eindhoven, Netherlands, for four years and two months.

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