Eight-year-old Everleigh Hawkins, the youngest kid of Taylor Hawkins, the drummer for the Foo Fighters, has two older siblings named Shane and Annabelle.

Everleigh Hawkins was born in 2014, the same year the Foo Fighters’ documentary Sonic Highways was released. Taylor and his wife, Alison Hawkins. Everleigh and her siblings were happy living with their parents in Hidden Hills, California.

But because she was so little then, Everleigh had to endure the agony of her father’s passing this year. Taylor abruptly passed away on March 25, 2022, right before he and his bandmates were set to perform at a music festival.

Everleigh Hawkins
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Everleigh Hawkins Bio And Wikipedia

Everleigh Hawkins is the third and youngest child of American musician Tyler Hawkins and his wife, Ashley Hawkins.

There is not much available information on Everleigh. The parents had never displayed their kids about or meddled in their daily activities.

The teenager in third grade is unlikely to be familiar with her father’s song, much less the one in which she has a big role.

But when she gets older, she’ll likely jam to her father’s songs, which have up to 15 Grammy awards and countless world records on the charts.

Taylor Hawkins Daughter Everleigh And Her Siblings

Everleigh Hawkins, born in November 2014, is currently seven years old. Taylor and Ashley were wed in 2005, the same year the fifth Foo Fighters album, In Your Honour, was released.

The couple’s wedding took place in Hidden Hills, California. After leaving Topanga Canyon in 2012, they relocated there permanently.

Oliver Shane Hawkins, Everleigh’s older brother, is a drummer for the rock band Ted Ed Fred and is 16 years old. Oliver has continued his dad’s legacy. Taylor then joked about Shane taking over for him in 10 to 15 years.

Oliver, who performs under the stage name Shane, honored his father last night, September 4, 2022, at the Foo Fighters concert by singing My Hero.

Everleigh’s older sister, Annabelle Hawkins, is a drummer in the Holy Cows band and is 13 years old. The group was recently formed last year, and David Grohl’s daughter sings the lead for it.

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Everleigh Hawkins Friends And Instagram Details

Everleigh and Ophelia share a bond, much like their father, who tends to get along with people on and off stage.

Ophelia is three months older than her twin because they were born the same year. Rock stars’ families have been spotted enjoying a good time together and photographed.

They are in the same grade as the other preteens and go to the same school. The older sisters of the tots also work at Holy Cow and are in charge of the same duties as their fathers.

Eight-year-old children shouldn’t have an Instagram handle; it would seem. However, a famous youngster like Everleigh does not seem out of the ordinary today, as even infants have social media accounts.

But none of their parents, Everleigh, or two older siblings have Instagram accounts.

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