Both Ethan Klein and Hila Klein have remained silent about the joke, despite online reports that they are divorcing.

The YouTuber has been married since 2012 and has two gorgeous sons, one of which was just born in February.

They may occasionally disagree because they are partners in both life and work, but they haven’t given divorce much attention.

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To learn about his Divorce, Earnings, Salary, And Net Worth Details, continue reading the article.

Exploring Ethan Klein Divorce Rumours

According to reports, Ethan Klein and Hila Klein separated in 2022.

Divorce rumours have long circulated online. Their clickbait-driven video “We broke up,” in which Ethan pulled a practical prank on the podcast listeners by announcing that he and Hila had broken up, helped them achieve prominence earlier this year.

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Hila may be seen requesting Ethan’s divorce and interjecting with legal documents in the video. In a similar manner, this most recent rumour regarding their breakup may have its origins in another YouTube video posted by The Quartering.

The click-bait headline Ethan Kain Got Divorced succeeded to attract in a sizable audience despite the fact that he didn’t give many details about their relationship. It has been established that the pair is still together and content in their marriage.

There may be many ups and downs in a relationship, which is quite normal. Each has consistently been their best supporter and ally. They are blessed to have a few kids, two pets, and both.

Relationship Timeline Of Etan Klein and Hila Klein

Ethan was on a Birthright tour when Klein first met his Israeli wife, Hila.

Hila served as an IDF soldier in 2011 at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial. Before getting married, they co-founded h3h3Productions and immediately began dating.

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However, their marriage was unknown until their subscribers asked for records. Then Hila showed off her engagement ring and shared a few images from their special day.

Currently, the couple is the parents of two kids. Theodore’s oldest son was born on September 5, 2017, and his youngest son, Bruce, was born on February 2, 2022.

The duo has a YouTube channel and a store together. On their Instagram feed, the family has posted a number of lovely pictures.

Wikipedia Bio Of Ethan Klein

Ethan Klein, a comedian and popular YouTuber, is most known for his work on the “h3h3Productions” channel. He and his wife work together to post clever, lighthearted flicks that mock online society.

On June 24, 1985, Gary and Donna Klein welcomed him into the world in California. His degree from the University of California was awarded to him in 2016, and the couple’s YouTube channel joined the Omnia Media network.

Comedy, satire, and sketches are h3h3Productions’ three main literary subgenres. For their scandals, online fads, and influencer trolling, the two are well-known in the world of vlogging.

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The duo launched the H3 Podcast in 2017, and as of this writing, it had 2.91 million subscribers. James Charles and Trisha Paytas, two other YouTubers, have appeared on the program to engage in discussions and brainstorming sessions with other influencers.

When they originally began their online enterprises, they lived together in Israel. In 2015, they moved to the US. In a now-deleted podcast, Ethan stated: “I hope Ben [Shapiro] is gassed first if there is another Holocaust and people start picking up Jews once more” (Jpost).

On Monday, YouTuber Klein said this while discussing Kanye West’s recent anti-Semitic outbursts and other hot-button political issues on his H3TV show.

The comment clearly offended Klein’s co-hosts and the cast of her show. Klein hesitated and readied herself for rebuke before making the joke.

Net Worth Of Ethan Klein: His Earnings And Salary Details

In October 2022, Ethan Klein’s projected net worth will be $20 million.

His main revenue comes from his YouTube channel, which he co-owns with his wife, Hila. Their apparel line and commodities company also contribute to their increased wealth.

Their main channel, h3h3 Production, became well-known in 2016 after taking first place in a Hot97 competition. Currently, the channel has 6.13 million subscribers and 1.505,316,178 views.

According to Forbes, a YouTuber with exceptional talent can earn $5 for every 1,000 video views. Up to $5,000 can be earned from a million-view YouTube video.

According to this scenario, his total career earnings as of October 2022, with 1,505,316,178 views, were $7,526,580.

He might have earned a total of $4,507,231 on his second channel, H3 Podcast. As of October 2022, H3 Podcast had 2.91 subscribers and 901,446,321 views.

Without including any partnerships, sponsorships, or merchandise, the two have already earned more than $11 million on his YouTube channel.

Since 2017, Ethan Klein and Hila Klein have shared ownership and management of their fashion business. The majority of the clothing assortment consists of beanies, socks, and hoodies with vibrant colour block designs. To browse their extensive selection of products, visit their website.

Details On Ethan Klien Expenditure

The couple spent $780,000 on their first home in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, according to In 2017, they purchased this house.

Later on in the year, they spent about $2.3 million on an Encino home. In November 2019, they also purchased a $9 million mansion in Bel Air, California.

The lavish house has six bedrooms and is located on about an acre of property. They still own their third property in Bel Air in addition to their first two houses.

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