Israeli actress and filmmaker Shira Geffen is the wife of Etgar Keret. Shira Geffen started performing professionally in 1997.

The artist’s well-known artist husband spends a lot of time writing short stories, graphic novels, and screenplays. His parents, born in Poland, moved to Israel probably in the 1960s.

He has a distinguished writing career and numerous awards to demonstrate his brilliance. The Adi Lautman Interdisciplinary Programme for Outstanding Students is where he graduated.

He developed nine short stories in addition to an exhibition created for the Jewish Museum Berlin last October. His creation, which showed his life throughout the war, was motivated by his own life, especially by the memories of his mother.

Etgar Keret
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Etgar Keret And Shira Geffen Age Gap

Etgar Keret’s wife, Shira Geffen, has eight acting credits. In 2007, Shira Geffen and Etgar worked together on the movie Jellyfish.

The talented actress originates from a literary family; her father, Yehonatan Geffen, and brother Aviv are well-known authors.

On the other hand, her husband is still dealing with the effects of his early traumas, and his writing shows the full extent of his scars. He kept a distance from his environment because he knew it might pass him by instantly.

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He spoke with NPR about his preference for the present and lack of concern for the future. But things changed after his missis was born, and he started daydreaming about a probable future in the war zone.

Geffen struggled throughout the birth of her kid because she was experiencing tremendous agony at the same time as a terrorist attack. Their miscarriage is discussed in his work The Seven Good Years, which demonstrates that things were not all peaches and rainbows in their lives.

He has learned more about human desires from watching his child play computer games. He struggles to explain to his wife why he would find something so dull and exciting, but he wants to relish the bliss of fatherhood.

Who Is Shira? Her Background

Given her family’s artistic background, it makes sense that she would devote her time to directing and performing.

However, her time in front of the camera was limited because she quickly realized her purpose after writing and directing the movie Jellyfish and Self Made.

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Jellyfish, the collaborative project of her husband, had brought them the most success, winning the 2007 CamĂ©ra d’Or at Cannes for the best debut feature. She makes fun of his early musings, and their relationship becomes stormy.

When they wrote the story Waiting for Miracles in 2020, they collaborated once more.

Her advocacy for stopping the carnage in Gaza is also lauded since she did it without fear of being called a traitor.

Etgar Keret Father, Mother, And Family Details

For Etgar Keret’s mother, Orna, and father, Efraim Keret, Poland was the country of origin. Keret was born in Ramat Gan, Israel, in 1967.

He was the third kid in the family and went to Ohel Shem High School. Although he had a typical upbringing, he also had to deal with his ancestors’ past.

In an interview with Granta, he talked about how his parents unintentionally taught him to be thankful for every cucumber he received and never to reject away food.

He started writing stories at 19, but it took him a long time to find his calling. He was completing his required military service because he thought writing might save his life.

He recalled working extremely hard to complete his first piece of fiction while serving in the military.

She was his inspiration and comfort when he had to stop writing because of her passing. He requested a bit of seclusion from his followers because he knew his mental health would deteriorate over the coming days.

Efraim Keret, the father of Keret, experienced a sense of total disintegration when he learned he had terminal cancer.

The reports said that he had developed a growth at the base of his tongue because there were no deadlines. Chemotherapy could only buy him a few more months of life. Thus, his death was inevitable.

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