The assistant to Tracy Tutor, Erika Schaefer, has a net worth of $20 million. 

Erika has a full-time job as a real estate salesperson. Erika transitioned from acting to the real estate industry. She is generally stunning and an authority on opulent homes.

She also had remarkable success after switching careers, which allowed her to amass a sizable sum of money. Schaefer was born in Nashua, New Hampshire, on March 10, 1986.

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Erika Schaefer Has A Net Worth Of $1.5 Million

According to, Erika Schaefer, Tracy Tutor’s assistant, has a net worth of $1.5 million. Erica, a real estate broker

The collection of real estate tycoons on this year’s Forbes 400 list of the wealthiest Americans is remarkable for both those who did and did not make the cut.

The $2.9 billion minimum net worth requirement to be included in the 400 richest Americans was not met by Donald Trump, whose estimated net worth was $2.5 billion.

Many people will have passed away by 2021, including the departing president. Silicon Valley developers Richard Peery and John Arrillaga were two of the five millionaires in New York real estate that were removed from The Forbes 400 list.

The 24 real estate moguls on this year’s list have a combined net worth of $122 billion, which is about $4 billion less than the 32 real estate moguls’ combined net worth in 2020.

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Even in New York, following the worst of the 2020 crisis, the bulk of Manhattan’s real estate millionaires saw a gain in their fortunes.

The increase in visitors to Rick Caruso’s Los Angeles shopping centers, the majority of which are outdoor shopping centers, has generated $400 million.

Silicon Valley computer industry entrepreneurs like John Sobrato and Jay Paul saw their fortunes largely stabilize in 2020 because to the tenacity of their clients.

Erika Schaefer, an expert in luxury real estate, has a talent for selling fantasy homes. However, as she demonstrated in a recent Instagram post, the Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles beauty can carry off a beach look, and we are not shocked.

From her January trip to Australia, the model uploaded a photo to Instagram. She frequently gives the impression that she enjoys opulent travel.

Erika posed in a blue and white bikini in front of the Great Barrier Reef, showcasing her toned body. She paired her bikini with a wide-brimmed hat, protecting her eyes from the blinding sun and giving off the impression that she was the epitome of carefree calm.

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How Did Erika Schaefer Made Her Earnnings?

The team Tracy oversees includes Erika Schaefer, her assistant. Erika began her career as an entertainment reporter. She is a real estate agent currently based in California.

Erika worked as an actor before deciding to focus solely on real estate, making appearances in films like Lie to Me, Fashion House, The Unit, Moonlight, and Valley Peaks.

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Schaefer enrolled at ASU but left early to pursue an acting career. Her father is of German ancestry, while her mother is of Cuban descent.

Erika is one of the rare women who participates in Million Dollar Listing. From a junior agent to a top realtor, she advanced.

However, this person is accustomed to watching television. Erika has previously presented E! News on television. Erika is now acting as the Team Tutor alongside Tracy.

She appears in nearly every episode where Tracy does, proving that she is a pleasant and dependable team member.

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