Since 2021, Rowan Isaacs, the spouse of Emma Isaacs, has served as a director for Manning Ventures Pty Ltd. Together, Emma and Rowan have six children.

Every young girl looks up to Emma, whether it’s because of her business success or how well she manages life in general.

At the age of 18, she began her entrepreneurial journey. She received an invitation from a friend to attend a Business Chicks event.

After six months, Isaacs took over that business and expanded it. She has been running Business Chicks for 17 years. Today, her company has grown from Australia to America.

For this reason, she is referred to as the World CEO of Business Women. She not only has excellent business skills, but she also writes well.

She has written a book called “Winging It,” published in 2018. She won the 2015 Australian Telstra Business Awards.

Emma Isaacs Husband: Rowan Isaacs Bio, Wikipedia, Married Life And Children Details

The Director Of Manning Ventures Is Rowan Isaacs

Since September 2021, Rowan Isaacs has served as a director for Manning Ventures. Rowan describes himself as a person who dreams, is creative, and has visions.

At TP Events, Rowan started his career as an event manager in January 1998. He spent two years there before moving on to work as a director at Enclosed Pty Limited from January 2005 to October 2011.

After that, he spent almost 13 years as the CEO of Creative Promotions and The Riders Group. He was also working at Inspired Logistics at the time as the director.

In September 2014, he quit his employment and started Fluid Group. A start-up company concentrating on real estate and property planning got involved.

He joined Business Chicks in July 2015 as the technology and innovation vice president. He was employed there through May 2022.

He has also served as Cohen Handler’s principal since March 2017. He left that place in 2022. Throughout this time, he held the position of Chief Executive Officer at Manning Trust.

This real estate company has employed him for nine years. He currently resides in Queensland, Australia. It is where his new business, Manning Ventures, is located.

In September of this year, Manning Ventures will celebrate its second anniversary. It has recently performed admirably. He purchases older homes, updates them, and then sells them.

From 1992 through 1997, Rowan attended Masada College. In 1999, he earned his business bachelor’s degree from the University of Technology Sydney. He enjoys dressing up in elaborate clothes and couture.

In 2008, Emma Isaacs And Rowan Isaacs Got Married

On January 27, 2008, Emma and Rowan exchanged wedding vows. First, the pair got together through a professional network.

Emma Isaacs with her husband

They met by chance at one of the events and discovered they were both members of the Sydney chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

On a lighter note, Rowan thought Emma would be interested in guys when they first met because of how he dressed and his fashionable sunglasses.

They were initially close friends who shared meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They began dating after a few months and soon became engaged.

The couple quickly married and started a family since they thought they were destined to be together.

In November 2016, they visited the Arches National Park Visitor Center. They also visited Nobu Malibu in July 2019 and Boynton Canyon Vortex in December 2018.

Are Rowan And Emma Isaacs Still Together?

No, Emma and Rowan are no longer together. They are divorced, and Rowan stated in his Instagram bio that he is the sole parent of 6 kids.

Rowan just sent a touching letter describing his idea of love. He said that love has its ups and downs.

On the other side, Emma introduced Azure Antoinette as her new companion on the same day. Azure works as a hired poet to support herself. They have passionate love.

The poet Antoinette is skilled in her craft. Forbes recognized her as the modern-day Maya Angelou, which is an honour.

Emma Isaacs Has Six Children

The parents of Milla, Honey, Indie, Ryder, Piper, and Louis Mark are Emma and Rowan. During the COVID-19 wave, the smallest child was born in 2020.

They were unable to carry their unborn child to term. Before Milla was born, there was a traumatic and tragic miscarriage.

Louis is the only one of her children currently enrolled in school. Because their parents have businesses in both places, they often go back and forth between Australia and the US.

They moved into their new home in Los Angeles in 2017 and started living there.

Milla Isaacs

The eldest daughter of the family, Milla Isaacs, was born at home. Today, she turns 13 years old.


On May 5, 2009, she became the first to grant Emma the role of mother. In April 2016, a picture of Milla and her mother appeared in Latte.

She is an extremely kind and devoted big sister to her younger siblings. She attended the elementary school on Third Street.

Taylor Swift is popular with Milla. In 2018, she celebrated her ninth birthday by taking her father and sister to a Taylor Swift concert.

Twenty-three years ago, her father was a prominent forum participant for kids. She joined the forum in 2019 in a similar manner.

Honey Isaacs

In 2012, Honey Isaacs was welcomed home by her family. She is ten years old today.

Indie Isaacs

The Isaacs family had Indie as the third member. His birth year is 2013. He is now nine years old.

Ryder Isaacs

In April 2015, Ryder was welcomed as the family’s fourth child. As of February 2023, he will be seven years old.

Piper Isaacs

The youngest of the Isaac girls and the fifth child overall is Piper. Her age is five. She speaks Spanish, and her favorite pair of shoes are unicorns.

Louis Mack

Two years have passed since Louis Mack was born. His birth was live-streamed on social media, and everyone watched him enter the world.

He was born in Emma’s home in front of 60,000 people. Her entire family was there to support her.

This attracted a lot of attention to Isaacs’ life. He was highlighted with his mother in the Good Weekend magazine on June 1, 2021.

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