An associate at Boston Consulting Group is Emma Beal (BCG). She is well-known as the spouse of an English politician and former mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, who presided over that city from 2000 to 2008.

Beal was raised in Radlett, Hertfordshire, a publisher and literary critic of three daughters. In 1982, she received her diploma from the public Bushey Hall School.

In her previous position as Livingstone’s office manager, she had developed a specialty in managing his diary and calendar. According to the sources, Emma is a meticulous planner and the friendly face of Operation Ken.

Emma Beal Age, Wikipedia, Bio, Partner Details: 5 Untold Truth About Ken Livingstone's Wife
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Here are Ken Livingstone’s wife’s five little-known secrets:

1. Emma Beal Wikipedia Bio

In Radlett, Hertfordshire, England, Emma Beal was born and raised. Her father is a well-known literary critic and publisher who supports literature.

She shared a tight bond with her two sisters while growing up. She hasn’t revealed their names in the major news outlets, though.

2. Emma Beal Graduated From Neighbourhood State Secondary Sushey Hall School

With an English O-level and five CSEs, Emma Beal left the local state secondary Bushey Hall School in 1982.

She was a very gifted young lady who participated in various extracurricular activities. For the sports weeks, Beal served as the female captain.

3. Emma Beal And Ken Livingstone First Meet

In 1996, while she worked as a secretary for the London Evening Standard and he was a food critic, Emma Beal and Ken Livingstone first met.

Ken saw Beal when he delivered his restaurant feature to the magazine and then asked her out to lunch.

According to her former classmates, the date lasted all afternoon, included a lot of alcohol, and led to the couple’s relationship beginning soon after.

4. Emma Beal And Ken Livingstone Got Married At ZSL London Zoo

After dating for over three years, Emma Beal and Ken Livingstone married in the ZSL London Zoo in 2009.

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Ken insisted that the venue wasn’t chosen to amuse the younger participants rather than because of his well-known love of news.

Thomas was the couple’s first child, born in December 2002. In March 2004, Emma gave birth to their second child, Mia, at Royal Free Hospital.

Christine Chapman and Ken Livingstone were wed in 1973. However, they did part ways in 1982 when he was discovered dating Kate Allen.

5. Emma Beal and Ken Livingstone Currently Live In Cricklewood, London

Emma Beal and Ken Livingstone reside in Cricklewood, where the specific property costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The duo also owns opulent homes, stoke markets, and high-end vehicles in the United Kingdom.

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