DJ Orazio Rispo is 4 years older than the Nickelodeon actress Emily Ratajkowski. The mystery man dating American supermodel and actress Emily Ratajkowski has been revealed to be DJ Orazio Rispo.

On Friday, October 14, while on a date night in New York, DailyMail caught the woman sharing an enthusiastic kiss with a hot guy, which is how the tale of her new love interest began. While first unknown, Rispo’s identity has since been confirmed by several sources, including Meaww.

After Emily’s divorce from her ex-husband, speculations of a relationship between the actress and actor Bradd Pitt began to circulate. However, these photos put an end to such allegations. According to Hollywood Life, she split from Sebastian Bear-McClard three months earlier and filed for divorce in September.

However, this article focuses on Ratajkowski’s present, which, according to the sources, includes Orazio, with whom she has reportedly already gone on a few date nights. Here are some further facts regarding the man.

Emily Ratajkowski New Boyfriend: Orazio Rispo Age, Bio, Wikipedia, Relationship & Photos on Instagram
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Explore more about Emily Ratajkowski New Boyfriend: Orazio Rispo Age, Bio, Wikipedia, Relationship & Photos on Instagram in this article.

DJ Orazio Rispo Age Details

Orazio Rispo, the new lover of Emily Ratajkowski, is 35 years old. He was born in New York, New York, in 1987. Since the actress is 31 years old, the age difference between Emily and her new partner, Orazio, is four years. In Westminster, London, the United Kingdom, she was born on June 7, 1991. The woman was born in the UK and had American nationality because her parents are Americans.

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Rispo was raised in a reputable household and developed a love of music from a young age. He began his career as a musician when he was about 15 years old, and over time, he advanced to become a DJ in the commercial sector. According to accounts, he has pursued his passion and has worked in the field for more than 20 years.

NameOrazio Rispo
Age35 Year Old

DJ Orazio Rispo Net Worth Explored

Orazio Rispo is a well-known DJ with a million-dollar net worth due to his 20 years of commitment to his musical career. Emily Ratajkowski, his girlfriend, is a supermodel and Nickelodeon star with an $8 million fortune.

According to his biography on the website of the Algeria record label, he has performed in several locations across several continents, and his work crosses numerous cultures and genres.

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Rispo has lived in ReSolute for about ten years and has had a career in music for two decades.

The man also owns and runs the Brooklyn-based Halcyon Record Shop. Giampiero Rispo, his father, is a real estate tycoon with a fortune estimated to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars due to his work with wealthy individuals and their houses.

(Net Worth Source: IdolNetWorth)


DJ Orazio Rispo Relationship And Instagram Photos Explored

Although DJ Orazio Rispo and Emily Ratajkowski are romantically involved, their union is not severe.

According to a reliable source for People, the couple went on enjoyable dates and spent time together. However, the story goes on to say that the supermodel has no interest in starting another committed relationship soon after divorcing her husband of four years.

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According to a few different stories, Ratajkowski and Rispo have already gone on a few dates and enjoy spending time together. However, they haven’t made their fling official because the woman hasn’t mentioned it anywhere on her social network.

Similarly, Orazio has kept his Instagram account, @orispo, in private mode. Therefore, we cannot determine if he has made any posts regarding it. Nevertheless, you can readily obtain numerous images of their most recent night out online.

Some FAQs

How Old Is DJ Orazio Rispo?

DJ Orazio Rispo is 35 years old, four years older than his supermodel girlfriend, Emily Ratajkowski.

What Is Orazio Rispo’s Net Worth?

Orazio Rispo’s net worth is unknown, but he is believed to be a wealthy millionaire.

Who Is Emily Ratajkowski’s New Boyfriend, Orazio Rispo?

Emily Ratajkowski’s new boyfriend, Orazio Rispo, is a New York-based DJ with a career spanning over two decades.

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