Elvis Presley Lookalike Pastor: Bob Joyce Bio, Age, Net Worth And Family Details


The most well-known modern Elvis Presley impersonator is Pastor Bob Joyce.

The American musician is known as “the King of Rock and Roll”, and “one of the most important cultural figures of the 20th century” was Elvis Presley. Sadly, the singer passed away on August 16, 1977, in Memphis, Tennessee, the United States.

Even though it has been a while since his passing, his fans continue to talk about him and his wonderful songs. Numerous well-known singers found musical inspiration in him as well.

People recently discovered his lookalike, like Pastor Bob Joyce, and the internet went berserk. His supporters have developed a sudden interest in his duplicate.

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Who Is Elvis Presley Lookalike Pastor Bob Joyce?  

Pastor Bob Joyce, a present doppelganger of the legendary musician Elvis Presley, gained notoriety after becoming viral online. His songs and speeches are well known for having a wide audience.

For more than ten years, his supporters have heard him on the internet. At the Household of Faith church in Benton, Joyce serves as the pastor. The crowd questioned Elvis Presley’s existence as they regarded him.

Pastor Bob Joyce
( Source : youtube )

Elvis and Bob both have the same blue eyes, and they also have fairly similar facial features that have confused their fans. Some speculated that they might be twins, while others thought the late star staged his demise.

The pastor is the lookalike. Thus none of these claims has been substantiated. Bob also disproved the erroneous claims that he was The King.

How Old Is Bob Joyce? His Age 

Bob Joyce, the pastor, appears to be in his mid-80s. According to a Facebook post from October 1, 2019, he was 84 years old.

He currently has no birth records, so it is impossible to determine when he was born.

Pastor Bob Joyce
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Joyce appears to like to lead a quiet life and is not very forthcoming about it. Regardless, he gained notoriety after the internet was flooded with claims that he was the late singer Elvis.

In the days to come, his followers should have the chance to discover more about the pastor’s life.

A Look Into Pastor Bob Joyce 2022 Net Worth

According to pastor Bob Joyce, in 2022, net worth may be in the million-dollar range. However, he has concealed information about his income, assets, and real estate from the public; therefore, the projected value could not be accurate.

( Source : instagram )

Nevertheless, he is a pastor who has been singing to his congregation and preaching for years. Bob does not have a page on Wikipedia, although thousands of people have watched his films on a YouTube channel.

Additionally, he has published publications with the title “Points to Ponder: An Exhortation of Scripture: Sermons of Pastor Bob Joyce,” which are sold on Amazon.

Who Are Bob Joyce Family? 

When it comes to his family and personal life, Bob Joyce cherishes his privacy. He hasn’t been transparent about his life, despite the fact that many of his followers are curious about it.

Rumors suggest that he shares their joy and happiness while coexisting with his healthy family. He is adored by his flock and is one of the most respected pastors.

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